Day 112, December 2014


I felt like I was on my A game today.  I got up “early” I am trying to get myself into the routine before starting my new job.  It’s been awhile since I have had to regularly be up and out of my house before 8 am.

I started off the morning with a shake and got ready for Zumba at 8:30.

20141222_074240new workout clothes! Okay I have to vent about the Zumba Tone class today.  It was a great workout 383 calories, but I DO NOT like having sweaty women touch me AND I don’t care what muscle group it works!  The regular instructor Anna is in CA for Christmas so we had a sub (not either Julie).  She had us do a kick line; these never work for me.  I am under 5 feet tall and the ladies on either side of me were closer to 6 feet tall, really ugh sweaty encounter number one.  And then two songs later a square dance, just to “amuse” her and it works your inner and outer thighs.  Again I DO NOT care! I hate having my personal space invaded by strangers especially adults, and the fact that we were all sweaty made it worse.  Please oh please don’t let her do this to me again! (vent over)

I came home and showered! Then got to work cleaning the house. It has been neglected a bit and probably will get neglected some more in the near future, but at least its clean now and all the linens have been washed.


I had this for a snack; it tasted similar to a snickers, but its packed with protein and low in sugar.

For lunch my original plan was a flat bread pizza; but I decided to have taco soup out of the freezer.  I wasn’t disappointed.


I feel this was a much healthier alternative.

I got a nice surprise in the mail this afternoon from my sister:


I love it!  I got this one from my brother and his family when Tim got home from Arkansas.


Our family started a tradition last year that the grown ups just exchange ornaments; it helps save everyone money in the end! And it creates a story and memories to be passed on each year.  My mom said last year it allows us to look at our tree each year and even though we might not be together remember the good times.  That is so true for this year as we are in Utah, my brother in Arkansas, my sister in Arkansas visiting, and my parents in Georgia.  Last year we were all together for Christmas and I think I took that for granted.  Anyways I love my new additions for the year and it makes me think what does 2015 hold for us.

Tim called from work and said he was hungry so I didn’t eat an afternoon snack and started making dinner.


Steak and Chicken fajitas on a bed of greens!  Yummy and packed with protein. I skipped the corn tortillas tonight.

After dinner we ran to Wal-mart (ugh pre Christmas crowds). We switched out the propane tank and picked up Olivia’s present from her Aunt Maddy and Uncle Steve.  LEGOS! She threw a fit when we told her it was time for bed.

I was hungry tonight and my husband wasn’t helping matters by eating oreos right next to me; I chose to go out to the kitchen and grab a cheese stick instead.  I am keeping my goal of being under 200 in mind!

So how did today stack up:

Total Calories 1396 – Zumba 383 = Net Calories 1013

Fat 43g / 28%  (goal 47g / 25%)

Carb 121g / 34% (goal 149g / 35%)

Protein 135g / 38% (goal 171g / 40%)

Steps 15490 (only 13916 left to meet goal)

Water 100+ oz

Here is my game plan for tomorrow:

Tuesday December 23
Breakfast protien shake
Am Snack protien bar
Lunch left overs Fajitas
Pm Snack beef jerky, cheese stick, & pear
Dinner fish tacos
Late Snack Greek Yogurt

The fish tacos are a new recipe; hoping they turn out well and everyone (including me) likes them.  I am also registered to do a 2 hour Zumba class tomorrow from 9:30 – 11:30 and one hour on Wednesday.

* I wanted to share an article I read today.

Make your own conclusions!


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