Day 110, December 20th


Today was a better day than the last several.  I was up moving around, ate pretty well, and I found new clothes so I can now move out some of the clothes that are too big.

I had a protein shake before leaving the house:


~I made one for Tim too.

Yesterday, I talked about trying on clothes that were to big. Today I tried on several things that were just a tad to small, but a size I haven’t seen in 5 years. I also tried on several things that were to big; however, I came home with 5 jeans, 1 pants, 1 workout pants, 2 work out tops, 4 tops, a dress and shoes for the symphony in January all for under $70!  Thank you Savers!

Olivia, also convinced her daddy she needed some pearls!


I was shocked when I got home and saw the difference in sizes.


I started at a jean size 24; the new ones are an 18. Most of my tops are a 3x or 4x; the ones I bought today were mostly 1x and I got a couple that were 2x.  My dress size starting out was a 26; the one I got for the symphony is a 16!  This made me super excited to visually see the results!

I came home and made a burrito bowl for lunch.


I love the fresh avocado and cilantro. I hate that the rice turns to mush after being frozen.

I started a slow country boil for dinner too.

Then I had to go grocery shopping, ugh!


I picked these up for a snack option.  It was pretty tasty and has 20 g of protein.

After grocery shopping it was so nice to have dinner in the croc-pot already because had it not been chances are we would have been going out to eat.


Here is how the day stacks up:

Total Calories 1433

Fat 53g / 34%

Carb 135 g / 39%

Protein 97g / 27%

Steps 13869

Water 80+ oz

Here is my game plan for tomorrow:

Sunday December 21
Breakfast protien shake
Am Snack almonds
Lunch shrimp and avocado salad
Pm Snack grapes, cheese, and turkey
Dinner Cube Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole
Late Snack Greek Yogurt

We are having a potluck brunch in Sunday school tomorrow morning and it is weigh in day!


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