Day 109, December 19th


Today my eat sucked (again!)

Olivia woke up at 5:30 am


Luckily she was willing to cuddle in my bed and watch TV.  I got up and did a workout first thing so that I couldn’t find an excuse not to.


Then my mini wanted a smoothie to so I made mine a bit bigger so I could share “the crunchy ice cream” with her too.  I was shocked she drank it! It was about 11 before I got finished with mine.

She was going to decorate cookies at 1:30 so by the time I showered and got dressed it was time to go (I forgot to eat) big mistake!

I was able to go out shopping with Peggy and Marie.  It felt good to take 6 items into the dressing room, but none of them fit.  Usually it has been because they are to small, but this time everything I tried on was to big.  I am going to be going out tomorrow trying to find some pants that fit; I am walking out of what I own.

Because I didn’t eat I was starving tonight. Tim picked up pizza on his way home from the airport.


I only ate 2 pieces, but I also had 2 bread sticks (which is just as many calories as a third slice)…ugh!

Here is today’s summary

Calories 1272 – work out 183 = net 1089

Fat 34 g

Carb 166 g

Protein 71 g

Steps 5037

water 68 oz

Game Plan tomorrow:

Saturday December 20
Breakfast protien shake
Am Snack Trail Mix
Lunch Sandwich
Pm Snack deli roll up
Dinner fajita skillet meal
Late Snack greek yogurt

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