Day 108, December 18th – I feel like I’m slipping!


At least I recognize that I feel like I’m slipping.  Overall today was terrible and wasn’t great either.

I think my interview went great; hoping to get a call back before Christmas, but we will see.

I drank an oatmeal protein smoothie on the way to drop Olivia off before the interview. Thank you Martha for being willing to meet me at the church and let her ‘help’ you set up and thank you to Holly and Jessica who work in the church nursery and were actually the ones to keep her.


I then went to pick up Olivia and grabbed Wendy’s on the way home. I was really wanting chili.  So I had a baked potato and small chili.

20141218_123015I added a little bit of butter and sour cream as well.


I don’t know why I like there chili – I know its crap, but it’s crap I don’t have to stir on the stove all day!

Olivia was up and down most of last night so I didn’t get much sleep which is probably partly to blame for the headache this afternoon so I took a nap when she did.  That still didn’t help and made me feel blah.  Tim told me to get of my a** and do something anyways.  So I played bingo with Olivia.


I was shocked at her ability to play. I have been putting it off even though I have had the game in the closet for over a year and half.  She had fun it further contributed to my headache and me laying on the couch.


I had a cheese stick for a snack.  And then I asked Olivia what she wanted for dinner.  She must have known what I was wanting because she said spicy noodles (which is code for pad thai).  Thank you Chabaar for providing dinner for the two of us.


Not a great choice.  I hate having headaches they suck the life out of me.  I need to make better choices tomorrow. We shall see; we have a cookie decorating party tomorrow afternoon.

Calories 1840

fat 55g

carb 242g (so Marie maybe it wasn’t the low carbs, but rather the high and then crashing that caused the headache)

protein 95g

Steps 4364 (I beat the low from yesterday, by making it lower)

Water 80+oz

I know I should have a game plan for tomorrow, but I really don’t.

I will have a protein shake in the morning.

Something at home for lunch hopefully (might change if I get called in for an interview).

Snacks will be one of the usuals

and Dinner will be at home.

* My goal is to get up and do a weight workout in the morning.  Being active really makes it easier not to eat the crap (read pad thai).  I couldn’t get to Zumba this morning because of the interview. I felt yucky this afternoon and didn’t do weights at home and Zumba is off for the next 3 Thursday nights.


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