Day 104, December 14th


At last today was the day of the bake sale! Thank you to everyone who made the items and a huge thank you to the Congregation at church that purchased the goodies.  From the entire MOPS committee we thank you for supporting us!

Finally it is beginning to feel like Winter (even though it was all melted by the afternoon).

Finally it is beginning to feel like Winter (even though it was all melted by the afternoon).

Since I knew my day would be hectic I planned around it so that I would eat well and not munch on cookies and sweets.

I started off with a protein shake in the morning.


Great way to start the day.  I also packed some almonds and grapes as a snack for mid morning. I am glad I did too.  I wasn’t very active as far as walking, but I stood for several hours today and after only 3 hours of sleep I am pretty exhausted tonight.

For lunch my plan was flat bread pizza made at home.


Here is mine, loaded with veggies: onions, mushrooms, bell pepper, black olives, and fresh basil!  It seems like this would be bad, but was only 411 calories. Which is more than a turkey and cheese flat bread sandwich (504).  It satisfies the craving and I didn’t feel restricted like when we order take out pizza and 2 slices runs at least 600 calories.

Since I had to head back to the church for the Christmas Program to sell the rest of the goodies I packed this snack for the road.


Turkey, cheese stick, and pears.

And that is where the great choices stopped for the day, sort of.  I left Tim in charge of getting dinner on the table while I was gone and he got the sweet potatoes done, roasted the broccoli (which I munched on) and then he went to put the tenderloin on the grill and we were out of propane, ugh! So guess what that means, take out AGAIN and tenderloin for tomorrow.

This time with the cold I was really craving chili so I swung through Wendy’s at 8 o clock.

My plan was to get a baked potato and chili, but after I paid they informed me they were out of baked potatoes. So they said I could have anything on the menu. I chose the apple walnut salad with out nuts and blue cheese.


It was very good and filling. And I also had the small chili.


Overall I think I did pretty well today.

Total  Calories 1590

Steps 6480

Water 80+ oz

I also need to give you a two week check in.

Calories – I’ve done well here; I should probably actually eat a little more.

Track macro-nutrients, eat protein at every meal, try to eat every three hours. I have done okay at this collective goal. I am tracking the nutrients, I have gotten protein at every meal, but they have not always been 3 hours apart.

Workouts – I did okay this week; I am trying to hit 3 DVD strength workouts and 2 cardio. I did 2 DVD workouts and 2 Zumba Toning classes this week.

Steps my goal is 215,000. I am currently at 133,575 only 81,425 to go and I will hit my goal. That breaks down to 4790 steps each day to meet my goal.

I was down to 202.8 this morning! That is another loss of 2.2 lbs from last week and a total loss of 28.4 lbs! My big goal is to get under 200 by the end of the year. Wish me luck!

Here is my game plan for tomorrow:

Monday December 15
Breakfast eggs, toast, apple
Am Snack cheese stick and grapes
Lunch I still have to figure this out as my original plan was left over pork  tenderloin.
Pm Snack protien shake
Dinner Pork Tenderloin w/ sweet potato and broccoli
Late Snack Greek Yogurt

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