Day 102, December 12t


I started of the morning with a rude wake up call from my little one around 5 am. Luckily she played in her room for awhile, because I had a killer headache.

I got up and felt blah so I had a protein bar for breakfast.

I then went ahead and did my strength training workout, burning 183 calories.  I have to figure out how to make sure my polar loop keeps track of my heart rate. It keeps dropping off and if I don’t realize it then it isn’t tracking my workout like it is supposed to.

For lunch I made a simple PB and J with a few almonds.  I figured this was a better alternative to wolfing down chocolate and peanut butter truffles.


I then jumped in the shower and was going to rest a few minutes while Olivia napped; however, she had other plans.


She woke up just as I was getting out of the shower and said she wanted her daddy, then curled up in his spot and went back to sleep.  Needless to say I wasn’t going to be able to sleep now so I started work on the truffles.

For a snack this afternoon I made a chocolate protein shake to curb the craving to lick my fingers; I stayed strong!  I finished the snack of with a cheese stick.

After several hours of chocolate making Tim asked when will you get dinner started….


REALLY my kitchen is the size of a cracker box and I’ve got chocolate, Oreo, peanut butter, and powder sugar everywhere! He rephrased after a death glare and said what can Olivia and I go get for dinner.  We had a coupon for a Thai place around the corner from the house so I sent him there.

I don’t want to say I deserve it, because I am trying to avoid that mentality with food.  But I cannot think of a better day to have a cheat meal especially since I avoided the chocolate, completed a workout, and overall have made some amazing choices this week.


Chicken pad thai – one of my favorites and it was pretty spicy.  I shared some with Olivia, it always amazes me that she handles the spice so well.

I then went back to making more chocolate, ugh!  My shoulders are screaming TORTURE after a workout and then being forced to stir batch after batch of chocolate. I now have lots of goodies for the bake sale and some for gifts.

Here are my stats for the day overall:

1546 total calories – 183 workout calories = 1363 net calories

Fat was high 62 g

Carbs were Higher 180 g

Protien was really low 69 g

Steps 7472

Water 68oz

Tomorrow I have the set up for the bake sale and my day is kind of up in the air at this point.  I know I will have a protein shake for breakfast, not sure about lunch yet (maybe subway), and dinner will be a grilled pork tenderloin with sweet potatoes.


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