Day 99! December 9th


Today was one of those weird days time wise nothing lined up to eating every three hours, but I felt like I did pretty well all the way around.

For the morning I started off with my berry spinach protein smoothie.


All blended together and I drank it on the way to MOPS around 8 am.

As I told you yesterday that today was our MOPS Christmas party. Here is what my plate looked like at 10 am this morning:


I think I did pretty well I had a good portion of veggies and fruit; less than a tablespoon each of 2 cream cheese spreads, guacamole, and cheese dip and to pair with them 4 crackers and 3 tortilla chips; I also had a small sliver of sausage egg bake (my favorite breakfast casserole); only 3 of my meatballs; and the hardest part is I picked only 2 very small portions of the HUGE array of dessert options: reindeer poop as Sara called it that tastes like an almond joy which is one of my favorite candies and a Santa brownie bite.  Even though this plate probably comes in close to 800 calories I am still proud of the decisions that I made!

After our phenomenal Christmas party I came home and wasn’t feeling very hungry so I made this veggie platter with hummus as my lunch. I also had a chocolate protein shake. This was at 2:30.


On the way to the gym at 5 pm for Zumba I had a cheese stick.  Tonight was Zumba Tone; I burned 347 calories according to the polar loop heart rate monitor. That helps put a dent in the calories consumed at the Christmas party.

For dinner I made a “skinny” orange chicken recipe I found online here. I made a few adjustments no orange zest and I swapped the cornstarch for flour. I do not really care for the flavor of cornstarch.


I put this in the bowl and immediately thought this needed some veggies so I steamed so broccoli and had to put it all in a bigger bowl.


So here is a quick calorie comparison:

Orange Chicken from Panda express with brown rice: 840 calories

Homemade Version w/ Quinoa: 623

Now let me make this disclaimer: I do not think this was necessarily healthy but definitely a better choice than panda express!  (I’d love to get feedback from someone (hint Marie) who has more experience with healthy food as to your thoughts on this recipe).

*This was my first time making quinoa. I don’t think I cooked it long enough, but I liked it okay.  I think brown rice is  more filling. Agian I’d like to here some feedback on this.  I hear all the time that quinoa is a good grain choice, but is it better/worse/same as brown rice.

So here is how today adds up:

Calorie estimate 2053 – 347 Zumba Tone = 1706 net calorie estimate

The macro nutrients cannot be tracked for the whole day due to the Christmas Party.

Steps 13553

Water 64+oz

~just the minimum water today. I need to drink more tomorrow.

Here is my game plan for tomorrow:

Wednesday December 10
8:00 Breakfast protien shake
11:00 Am Snack celery w/ almond butter
2:00 Lunch Orange Chicken
5:00 Pm Snack grapes, cheese, and jerky
8:00 Dinner Turkey in the Crocpot w/ sweet potato and green beans
11:00 Late Snack Greek Yogurt

One thought on “Day 99! December 9th

  1. Lindsey

    Hey, Tiffany! I only have about 8 seconds to type this reply, but quinoa is a much better choice than brown rice, in my opinion. Quinoa is a complete protein source and your body can digest it much easier than brown rice. You’re doing fantastic! Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

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