Day 97, Check In after Week 1 and weigh in!


I was so excited with my weight this morning 205 pounds even!  That’s 2.8 lbs lost in the last week!

Here is how I stacked up today:

Breakfast I made a spinach and berry smoothie and consumed it on the way to church and during Sunday school (9:30 am). I didn’t snap a picture of it, but I got this one of my little girl, who misses her daddy so much!


After church a few of us from our class headed over to Cafe Rio for lunch.  I ordered their fire grilled chicken salad:



I looked up the calories before we went. Full plate here is about 1200 calories, but I did not use the dressing and opted for just a squeeze of lime juice.  I also did not eat the flour tortilla because it adds about 600 calories.  So total I only consumed 525 calories and I feel like it wasn’t cheating!

For afternoon snacks I had jerky at 3:30 and a cheese stick at 6:30.  I was not very hungry at all this afternoon. I think this had to do with having the rice and beans in the salad at lunch time.

For dinner I stuck with our MOPS them Be You, Bravely.  I ventured out and tried something I really don’t like…FISH…

I made a baked blackened tilapia, homemade tarter sauce, rice pilaf, and steamed green beans.



I forced myself to consume half of the fish. I am still not a huge fan. Maybe if Tim grills it I will like it better next time.  The pilaf was okay and I loved the green beans.  I followed the meal up with some greek yogurt


This was a sweet treat and had quite a bit of protein!

Total Calories 1322

Fat 30g / 21% (Goal 47g / 25%)

Carb 145g / 46% (Goal 149g / 35%)

Protein 106g / 33% (Goal 171g / 40%)

Steps 6728

Water 80+oz

Overall I think today went pretty well! Here is my plan for tomorrow:

Monday December 1
Breakfast eggs, toast, apple
Am Snack cheese stick and grapes
Lunch Orange Chicken w/ Brown rice
Pm Snack celery w/ almond butter
Dinner pork tenderloin w. sweet potato and broccoli
Late Snack Greek Yogurt

And let’s see where I am measuring up to my goals:

Use my fitness pal to track calories and macro-nutrients.

~ I have been doing this daily with an average total calories of 1495. Fitness Pal set my goal at 1700.  I have also been tracking my macro-nutrients; I need to work on getting more protein.

No more than 3 cheat meals a week

~ I have stuck to this, I count 2 for the week; bunco on Monday night and the pasta dish I created last night.

Post meal guides nightly

~ I have posted them nightly and for the most part stuck to them.

 Eat every 3 hours with protien.

~ This still needs some work on the every 3 hours part. I have done pretty well, but sometimes it ends up being closer to 4 just due to life’s circumstances. I also feel I need to move some stuff around and will probably be eliminating the morning snack so that my plan looks like breakfast, lunch, pm snack, dinner, and late snack.  Once Tim gets home having dinner at 9:30 at night won’t really fly.

3 strength training weekly

~ Technically I got three and half; I did the videos Mon, Wed, Fri and 30 minutes Zumba Tone on Thursday.

8 cardio in a month

~ I have gotten 3 Cardio in this week, walk/jog on Tuesday, Zumba on Thursday and Zumba on Saturday!

Increase steps; monthly goal of 215,000

~ I am currently at 70,846 steps! That means I have 144,154 to go!

As always thank you for following my journey to a better me.  I am working very hard this month to reach my goal of being under 200 by Jan 1.


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