Day 96, December 6th


I woke up feeling so nauseous this morning so I just made a protein shake and a cheese stick.


Then I went and did Zumba, but for some reason my heart rate monitor wasn’t connected so I am going to say the same amount of calories from Thursday night 359 calories.

For lunch I made a turkey flat bread and veggies.


We then went played outside with Marie and her girls because there wasn’t enough time to go to the zoo. After I got Olivia down for a nap I made this snack:


Jerky and apple slices, yummy!

I worked on making a meal plan for this coming week and then went grocery shopping.  I took a cheese stick with me as a snack.

After shopping I really wanted panda express, but I resisted and came home instead.  I still was really craving pasta so I came up with this dish:


Chicken, mushrooms, onion, garlic, spinach, fresh basil, linguine noodles, butter, and Parmesan cheese. It made the house smell amazing and it tasted so good.  I will be counting this as a cheat meal.  But I wanted to do the comparison, if I would have just gotten the kung pao chicken and chow mein vs. this meal.

Kung Pao Dinner
Calories 730 691
Fat 40 24.2
Carb 78 62.5
Protein 28 49.1

So I think I still made a great choice and I satisfied my craving.

Let me also put this into reflection I think some of the cravings for carbs came from the lack of carbs in my diet this afternoon along with not drinking enough water. I will do better tomorrow!

Total Calories 1545 – Zumba Calories 359 = 1186 net calories

Fat 53g / 30 % (Goal 47g / 25%)

Carb 154g / 39% (Goal 149g / 35%)

Protein 119g / 31% (Goal (171g / 40%)

Steps 14600

Water 72 oz

Here is the game plan for tomorrow:

Sunday December 7
Breakfast protien shake
Am Snack protien bar
Lunch Café Rio w/ Sunday School Group
Pm Snack grapes, cheese, and jerky
Dinner blackened tilapia w/ rice pilaf and green beans
Late Snack greek yogurt

I will also have a weight and goals check in tomorrow!


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