Day 95, December 5th


Today was a busy day finishing projects around the house that have been put on the back burner.

I started off the morning eating oatmeal, nope still not a fan, but I ate one bowl, with 1 tsp brown sugar and maple syrup.



I then set to work on the photo wall in the living room.

20141205_120259Ta- Da! I actually love how it turned out.

Then I did a 20 minute weight training session; I burned 137 calories!

Immediately following at 12 I made my mid morning snack.


cheese, jerky, and apple slices!

After snack I worked on the one thing I really hate doing, the budget for our household! UGH, I hate watching money disappear so fast. Being a grown up sucks! After this I played with Olivia for a bit.

While she was napping I showered and had lunch at 3pm


This time everything turned out perfect, yummy!

She got up from her nap and we got ready to go to the ice show!


Isn’t she cute!

She actually wanted a picture with me so here’s our selfie…


She enjoyed the show and kept saying “awesome, I want to skate good too!” One day, maybe.

Here was my biggest mistake of the day:


My green protein smoothie that I made for an afternoon snack and took with me to the ice show.  I suggest you drink these when they are still in their semi frozen state it is really difficult to get down at slightly cooler than room temperature.

I picked up my salad from the Taqueria on the way home to have for dinner; trying to eat every 3 hours I put it in the fridge until 9pm.

In the meantime I finished the picture frames for Olivia’s room.


She was a happy camper; I let her pick out the designs from Hobby Lobby. The options were puppies, kitties, or flowers.

Got her to bed and sat down to eat that delicious salad!


I purposely ordered no tortilla chips so I wouldn’t be tempted!

Tonight I have been working on finishing up some more Christmas gifts – I am almost there!

Total Calories 1433 – calories from workout 137 = net calories 1296

Fat 35g / 22% (goal 47g / 25%)

Carb 133g / 37% (goal 149g / 35%)

Protein 146g / 41% (goal 171g / 40%)

Steps 7116

Water 100+oz

Here is my game plan for tomorrow:

Saturday December 6
8:30 Breakfast Omelet and honeydew
11:30 Lunch Turkey Flatbread w/ vegetables and hummus
2:30 Snack 1 Trail Mix
5:30 Dinner Black Bean Soup
8:30 Snack 2 chocolate / banana protein shake
11:30 Late Snack greek yogurt

Tomorrow’s game plan is to do Zumba in the morning. Then Marie and her girls are going to come here for lunch and afterward all head to the zoo!

Also thank you for the prayers, Tim made it home to Arkansas tonight. I am glad he is going to be able to spend the next few days with family. Keep me in your prayers, I’ve got another week to go without him :/


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