Day 92, December 2nd – I am so proud of myself!


Today was a day that I want to brag about. I did so much right today.  I resisted temptation, for the most part stuck to the meal plan, and I got in a cardio workout!

For Breakfast I made my first ever green smoothie.  I was nauseous making it the thought of drinking blended spinach along with a berry blend was not appealing at all.  However, I am trying to change things for the better and that means more of the “good” stuff.


8:30 am

I was shockingly surprised that I was able to drink it without gagging.  I actually have no problems making another one tomorrow morning before I have to take Olivia to MDO.

From there I headed to a steering team meeting for MOPS. This is where I faced my first temptation in the day.  Andrea had made some homemade fresh zucchini bread and brought melon, and Mary brought bagels with cream cheese.  I did not eat a single bit of it!  My smoothie held me for 3 hours and 15 minutes until I had my snack at 11:45


Again this was not enough to keep the hunger at bay, but today at 1 pm I had an oz of turkey.


I got Olivia down for a nap, had to deal with Amazon and Microsoft customer service, ugh at least everything is resolved! My thighs are still sore from yesterdays muscle workout – those 45 second bounce squats are killer so I had to convince myself that cardio was worth it today- and it was! It actually helped loosen my muscles up.  I knew with several time obligations today I would not have time to go to the gym so I went and jog/walk around our apartment building for 30 minutes while Olivia napped.  I jogged about a third of the time, I even had an older lady comment that I was doing a great job and to keep it up! According to the stepometer I went  2.21 miles, next time I will try to use my run keeper app for running outside.

After this workout it was time for lunch. I was originally going to have a shrimp stir fry – but I wasn’t in the mood for something hot since I was all sweaty.  I chose to do a salad instead. I used lemon juice and pepper as a dressing and it was so good! I also made another protein drink out of chocolate whey and almond milk.



This afternoon I worked on miscellaneous things around the house and then I prepared food for tonight’s grace group meeting.  I chose to go ahead and have my snack early so that I would not be as tempted to eat things while there.



I took a peanut butter and chocolate protein shake with me.  This made it so easy to not eat the cookies and candies that were present.  This was the second time I was tempted and I only tried a small bit of greek yogurt jalapeno dip, it was less than an 1/8th of a teaspoon.  It was very good and I may get some to put on my vegetables in the future.

I had planned on making a burrito bowl for dinner, but it takes about an hour and it was already 9:30 when I got home.  Normally as you know I would just run through a drive through and call it good, but I am trying to do right.  I took out some chicken I had Tim grill yesterday, Uncle Ben’s brown rice / wild rice mix, and sauteed some fresh green beans in coconut oil with onion and garlic.


This was way better than Taco Bell and only 447 calories about the same as two taco supremes.

So like I said at the beginning I feel like I did just about everything right today.  I don’t think I would go back and change a thing. So how does it all stack up!

Here is a screen shot of my Fitness Pal


Total Calories 1483 – calories from workout 215 = net calories 1426

Fat, Carb, Protein – see above they were all pretty spot on!

Steps 10289

Water 100+ oz (plus another 44 oz in protein shakes) I have been in the bathroom ALOT today!

So here is the game plan for tomorrow:

Wednesday December 3
8:00 Breakfast protien shake
11:00 Am Snack deli roll up
2:00 Lunch Burrito Bowl
5:00 Pm Snack veggie sticks and hummus
8:00 Dinner Jerk Chicken w/ pick a peppa sweet potato & Cauliflower
11:00 Late Snack Cheese and apple slices

I wanted to give a special Thanks to Marie for giving me all the information I needed and being there to support me. I really appreciate it!


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