Day 91, December 1st


I am hungry that has been my thoughts most of the day; but I think it is because even though I was eating the right foods, I was not eating enough of them.

I have so many statistical numbers I am trying to keep up with this month I am still not sure how best to convey them all so bare with me.

This was my game plan today:

Monday December 1
Breakfast eggs, toast, half apple
Am Snack cheese stick and grapes
Lunch Turkey Pita
Pm Snack celery w/ almond butter
Dinner Shrimp and Vegetable Stir-fry
Late Snack Bunco Night

I had breakfast at 9:45; we got to bed late and thankfully Olivia slept in and so did I!


I think the next time this meal comes up I will make it the whole toast or maybe an extra egg. It just did not stay with me.

We had to go out grocery shopping, I hit whole foods, Sams, and Walmart.  Then I went into Smith’s and Dan’s looking for Tahini and I think I am going to settle with ordering on Amazon and for this week I picked up black bean hummus at Dan’s.

She thought she was big stuff at Whole Foods!

She thought she was big stuff at Whole Foods!

We were at Walmart for my mid morning snack at 12:45 and I had brought the cheese stick with me and purchased the grapes.  I resisted the urge to eat Mc Donalds or Deli fried Tso Chicken!


I think I should have had more grapes.

Then I came home unloaded the groceries and did the workout just prior to eating lunch.  I did the first routine on the DVD which just uses your body weight it’s 20 minutes and I burned 140 calories according to the heart rate monitor.

I was not super hungry just after the workout but I ate my lunch at 4pm


It was a turkey, cheddar cheese, and spinach flatbread.  It was really yummy, but next time I need to add in a side.

Then I rushed around like crazy trying to put groceries away, prep food for their dinner and some chicken I wanted Tim to grill before he leaves, made a sugar scrub that I was giving as a gift at Bunco and I had to finish gifts for family that Tim needed to pack to take with him when he leaves tomorrow.  And squeezed in a shower before I ran out the door for Bunco.

Due to such a late start this morning, my afternoon food plans got shifted around a bit. I had planned to just have a little bit of whatever was prepared at Bunco as a late snack, but instead I let it serve as dinner and I missed the PM Snack.  We ate at 7:15.


I had the salad and twice baked spaghetti (not photographed 6 raspberries).  I did not eat the homemade bread or any of the little desserts that were present! I really wanted seconds, but I chose not to because these are not the most healthy choices.

After Bunco I came home to Olivia still being awake and no bath at 9:30 at night! UGH, Tim can be such a softie; they were cuddled up watching Batman.  After we got her down to bed I had a late snack of celery with raw almond butter.


Next time I will probably double the amount.

Total calories 1483 – workout 140 = 1343 net calories

Fat 66 grams (the goal is 47g)

Carbs 176 grams (the goal is 149g)

Protein 61 grams (the goal is 171g)

Sugar 88 grams (the goal is <64g)

Steps 12,249

Water 100+ oz

For the first day of the Big Reform I am proud of the steps I have made.  Here is my game plan for tomorrow.

Tuesday December 2
8:30 Breakfast protien shake
11:30 Am Snack grapes and cheese
2:30 Lunch Shrimp and Vegetable Stir-fry
5:30 Pm Snack Grace Groups
8:30 Dinner Burrito Bowl
11:30 Late Snack Greek Yogurt or Veggie Sticks and Hummus

I am not sure what will be available to eat at our first Grace Group Meeting, but I know that I am bringing fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil drizzled in balsamic vinegar so that will be my healthy choice with protein.


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