Crazy Last Two Days! Days 88 and 89.


This will be short and sweet. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Kennedy house hold.


Now to be honest I have had great choices salads and soups over the last couple of days paired with not so great choices pizza and burgers. UGH! I am thankful Tim is going to be gone for a bit in December; I am hoping I can get back on track.  I have also gotten some great advice on what steps I need to take next in order to enhance my weight loss more successfully.

To save time here is the summary of the last two days:


Calories 2120 – 950 Zumba Tone = 1170 net calories

Steps 14532

Fruits / Vegetables: 0 / 5


Total Calories 1573

Steps 4756

Fruits / Vegetables: 0/5 Total 137

So it doesn’t come as a shock for some following tomorrow, due to many factors I will not finish out the LBD exercises. I did not finish the last 5 active days.  I found this little meme that I thought was hilarious:


Tim laughed when I showed him and said guess your helping the kidnapper out by losing those pounds.

I have been using a heart rate monitor the last two days to see what it says about calories burned.

Yesterday I used it for 8 hours and 45 minutes and I burned 1667 calories (this did not include the Zumba workout) I didn’t have batteries yet.

Today I used it for 9 hours 45 minutes and I burned 1363 calories.

I am going to be interested to see what it says with my workouts in December.

Look for tomorrow’s post to see what I lost in inches and weight for November and I will list December’s Goals.


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