Day 87, November 27th


Happy Thanksgiving! She behaved pretty well today especially since she had no nap!


I woke up this morning and went to Zumba…90 whole minutes! I made it barely.  According to the website I burned somewhere between 1100 -1250. Yea!

I came home and made pigs in the blanket with Olivia for breakfast. They weigh in at 125 calories each so I limited myself to two and added some fruit.


This is where the calorie counting stops for the day.  However I took a picture of every piece of food I put in my mouth at Marie’s house.


Look at her beautiful table setting!

20141127_133125 20141127_133922

These were the appetizers I chose to eat.


I made a big salad and ate it first to try and help limit some of the calories.





Then the four ladies that were there plus Taylor (she is 9 and all the other kids were 5 and under) went for a two mile walk!  For me that usually burns around 200 calories!

20141127_163357This was the dessert plate, and while looking back at this photo I noticed the bugs on the plates … makes it a little weird. I only had one bite of the pumpkin pie slice because it had quite a bit of cinnamon.

That’s it.  I am sure it all adds up to a TON of calories, but I feel good about it.  I ate until I was full, but not the typical Thanksgiving stuffed. I exercised which helped burn some of those calories off.

Being with Marie’s family and some of her friends made it a little easier to be away from family today.  I hate that I am not with my mom and my sister to do Black Friday shopping, it was always our thing.  I am ordering a few things online from the comfort of my bed tonight and I might go to Walmart in the morning post crazies to see if there is anything left that I “need”.

I did get to have a great conversation with Marie about my weight loss journey.  She reads my blog and so she knows what I am doing and what my goals are.  She has done a ton of research on weight loss and what works.  She in my opinion is very fit and I am thankful that she shared her opinions. It has given me a lot to think about and goals to work towards. I will be incorporating some of the things she said in December and some will come into play later.  I am trying to do this slowly so I don’t burnout and I can have a life long change and not a temporary one!


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