Day 86, Thanksgiving Eve, November 26th


Alright so I spent a lot of time in the kitchen today prepping stuff for tomorrow. I made cheese balls, deviled eggs, and a cappuccino kissed cheesecake.

I started the day off with a banana so I wouldn’t dig in and eat to much, calories 105.

I tried the cheese ball this morning with the crackers around 50 calories.

Tim took me to lunch over at R and R BBQ.  I have been craving good BBQ, it doesn’t compare to southern BBQ but it was good.  I wanted to watch my calories so I ordered a salad with chicken.


I made the conscious decision to only have half a hush puppy as well. Total 350 calories.

I came home finished the cheesecake (sampled some with a graham cracker) for another 100 calories.

This afternoon I finished up the deviled eggs and had to sample the “castoffs” aka broken egg whites. This made a pretty filling afternoon snack, 165 calories.

Tim got to come home early and Olivia was excited that she got to cuddle with her daddy!


For dinner we were going to go to Big Hires which is a burger joint that Tim heard was really good. However, they were packed  and it looked like it would be an hour or so before we got our food. So we went to Pei Wei.

20141126_185300I did not order lettuce wraps (mistake) and I tried the lighter option of having steamed chicken instead of the original (mistake).  This was okay, but not good.  If I would have ordered lettuce wraps I would not have eaten this.  I think it saved me around 200 calories by choosing this option though.  Pei Wei’s nutrition calculator is down so I am relying on third party sites. The small portion with steamed chicken is 530 calories and the original small is 790.

After Pei Wei Tim wanted ice cream so we took Olivia to Coldstone for the first time. My order was the kid’s Oreo Cream which is 220 calories – I asked the server to look it up.  The bigger size is Tim’s around 1000 calories.


Afterwards I came home and picked up the house and did my LBD exercises.  Then I worked on a crochet project and now I am heading to sleep since I have to be up early for Zumba!

Total Calories 1520

Steps 4743

Fruits / Vegetables: Today 1 / 6 Total 121

Night and Happy Thanksgiving!


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