Weigh In! Day 85, November 25th


Let me send out a courteous reminder.


This made me laugh out loud!  I am hoping to avoid the weight gain this holiday season.  One of the ways I plan to tackle that for Thanksgiving is I signed up for a 90 minute Zumba class early Thanksgiving morning!

Now, I slept like crap last night :/ Olivia had an accident at 1 am finally fell asleep around 2:45 and she woke up at 5:30 to pee.  I snoozed until 7:30 which is when I should have left for MOPS needless to say I was about 10 minutes late, ugh!  I did manage to weigh myself before I left 207.4, that a 0.2 lb loss from last week. So far no weight gain 🙂

On the way to MOPS I was stopped at a red light and reminded of the beauty that God provides.

2014-11-25 08.07.34This is a beautiful view of the Eastern Mountains of Salt Lake City.

This morning I had brunch at MOPS. Photo of my plate.


I estimate about 615 calories. And then we were decorating cakes today!


Here is what mine looked like. I also have to add in probably another 200 calories for licking frosting, Megan made a delicious buttercream made with almond extract instead of vanilla (so good)!

For lunch I decided to make grilled cheese and tomato soup; it seemed perfect for a cold wintery mix falling kind of day.


I love sour cream and onion chips over crackers in my soup.  I did save 275 calories by only having one sandwich instead of two. (I usually eat two.)  This plate and tomato soup made with milk adds up to 570 calories.

After I got Olivia down for a nap I completed today’s LBD exercises.  It was all difficult – I hate being congested!

I started dinner in the crocpot so that we could eat after going to the Gym ~ Tuesday is Zumba Tone burning 950 calories!


We usually have the creamy chicken mixture over noodles I tried to make this healthier by adding peas and that is a quinoa and brown rice blend.  I just mixed everything together and ate it that way.  I really liked it and I am glad I get to have it for leftovers for lunch.  This plate totals up to 289 calories.

Good thing the dinner was low in calories because that turkey cake was calling my name.


We split it in thirds. I estimate the calories around 233. I figured this by doubling the number of calories in a cupcake and dividing by 3. It was about the size of 2 cupcakes.

Now lets add up the calories 1707 – Zumba Tone 950 = 757 net calories.

Steps: 6925

Fruits / Vegetables: Today 1 / 3 Total 114

With a workout scheduled for Thursday and Friday. I am hoping to keep the weight gain to a minimum over this Thanksgiving.


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