Day 84, November 24th


After yesterday’s post I woke up and got started fresh.  I did 3 LBD exercises: 90 second plank, 45 tricep dips, 40 mountain climbers.

I then made breakfast:


scrambled egg with onion burrito and a cup of honey dew – 291 calories.

We then went to Walmart to finish getting a few things for Thanksgiving and I needed the stuff to make a gluten free snack for MOPS tomorrow.  I made maple glazed pecans; Tim says they are delicious.

I didn’t stop on the way home, which is my usual.  I came home and made turkey pinwheels, a spinach and cucumber salad with balsamic vinegar, and apple slices.


282 calories

This afternoon I worked on laundry and cleaning the kitchen. I then made dinner early so I could eat before going to Zumba at 7:30.


I chose to have a fajita salad instead of having regular fajitas.  I still had a small side of mexi rice though.  Total 336 calories.

After dinner I ran a few errands before heading to the rec center for Zumba.  Tonight a regular Zumba Cardio class burned 789 calories. I also signed up to do a 90 minute Zumba class early in the morning on Thanksgiving Day.

I came home and Tim said I made you a dessert.


A smore!  He knew I had bought the stuff for these because they are a 150 calorie dessert option that tastes great.

Total Calories 1059 – Zumba Calories 789 = 270 net calories.

Steps: 8996

Fruits / Vegetables: 2 / 5 Total 110


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