Day 82, November 22nd


mistakes (2)

This is speaking to me right now; I am not doing things perfectly, but I am trying and somewhat succeeding.

I have been battling sinuses all week and been just pushing through. I did 3 Zumba classes this week feeling crummy, but last night it all caught up to me and that has rolled over into today.  I am so thankful that I have an amazing husband who cooked all 3 meals for us to eat and managed to keep the house clean while I basically laid on the couch all day.


He made this yummy breakfast which was a total of 295 calories for turkey bacon, eggs, apple slices, and jelly toast.

I worked on these snowman candy bars this morning which are going to be gifts for teachers this holiday season.


I nibbled on 3 of the small squares of chocolate, Olivia and Tim had the rest. That’s 52 calories for me.

For lunch he grilled the steaks we were supposed to eat last night, but didn’t due to being out Christmas Shopping.


Total calories 850, and it was  yummy.  As much as I wanted the beans I think I will trade them for broccoli next time and save the calories.

Tim went shopping while Olivia and I napped. He surprised me with another camelbak water bottle! Mine broke last week and I was upset because it is my favorite; I’ve had it since I was in college. He even splurged and got one that was walled because my biggest complaint about my old one was that it sweat.


For dinner he made chili dogs. Not my favorite so I put the chili on the side over a baked potato.


655 calories for 2 hot dogs and half a potato with chili.

Total Calories 1852

Steps 1682

Fruits / Vegetables: Today 0.5 / 2 Total 99

I did not do my LBD exercises today due to difficulty breathing.  I am going to try to start with Day 21 again on Monday.


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