Day 80, November 20th


I am so SORE after another Zumba Tone class tonight.  I cleaned the house and organized Olivia’s room (making room for Christmas gifts that are coming) and after Zumba I have been working on some Christmas Gifts. Now I am tired and want to go to bed so I am going to keep this short and sweet.

Banana 80 calories

Banana 80 calories


chili mac 310


Homemade Chili 350 – Thank you to Tim’s Dad for teaching me how to make awesome chili!

I had 2 tacos from Taco Bell around 9:30 tonight. I am so hungry after Zumba it’s crazy.  400 calories

20141120_233051 (2)

For dessert, fat free, sugar free butterscotch pudding with dark chocolate chips. 140 calories

Total Calories 1280 – Zumba Calories 950 = 330 net calories

Steps 8637

Fruits / Vegetables: 1 / 3 Total 92.5


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