Weight In! Day 78, November 18th


I woke up this morning feeling blah, my allergies have kicked in and I feel like someone punched me in the face. I weighed myself and that made me feel a little bit better, 207.6! That’s a 2.4 lb loss in a week and a total loss of 10% I am down a total of 23.6 lbs! I ate an apple for breakfast.


65 calories in a medium apple and it counts as 1.5 servings of fruit. She asked to wear her scarf today, makes me smile that she likes it!


I then met Lori and Martha two of our mentor moms at the Classic Fun Center.  Olivia had a blast playing in the jungle; punching ducks and racing dinos in the arcade; jumping in the blow up houses; and roller skating for the first time.


My original plan was to split a pizza with some other moms who were going to come, but couldn’t make it.  Since at lunch time it was just me and Olivia we went down to Chick Fil A instead.

I had the cool chicken wrap and fruit.

20141108_112237 20141108_111859

This totals out at 465 calories.

We didn’t get good news about a family member today that is battling cancer so I ask that you pray for our entire family and especially him, his wife and their two boys.

Being an emotional eater I am glad I stayed strong; I did this by focusing on the fact that I am down 10% and I really would like to get under 200 by the end of the year.

Yesterday afternoon Olivia helped me peel the potatoes and smush the cornflakes for tonight’s dinner

20141117_132604 20141117_134859

I love that she is my little helper and for now she enjoys it!

I went to Zumba Tone tonight and burned 950 calories. I came home sore, started dinner, and realized that I had not done my LBD exercises so I am planning to double up tomorrow so I can be caught back up.

I forgot to take a picture of plate at dinner so I took a picture of the leftover plate that Tim gets to have for lunch tomorrow.


448 calories

I think this was the best “fried” chicken I have ever made.  The bonus is it wasn’t fried it was baked and was crispy. It saved a lot of calories since it wasn’t actually fried, but I still got breaded chicken. I also made amazing mashed potatoes because I had buttermilk handy since I needed 1/4 cup for the chicken. I also made roasted corn on the cob.

Since I felt like I needed something sweet; I made Tim one of his favorite puddings, butterscotch.


1/2 cup serving is only 70 calories; sugar free and fat free with fat free milk.

Total Calories 1048 – Zumba Tone Calories 950 = 98 net calories

Steps 4272

Fruits / Vegetables: Today 3.5 / 4 Total 84.5


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