Day 77, November 17th


I started my day of with a banana before I took Olivia ice skating.


She did so well today.  I am amazed at how much like me she is.  She is such a perfectionist and would rather not do it then fail at it so ice skating is a hard for her I think because she doesn’t have control and she sees other (older) kids that are better than her.

We came home from ice skating and I cleaned up the house, did several loads of laundry (why does it never seem to end) and chose to have left overs for lunch with a fresh salad.


I actually liked the manicotti as leftovers more than the first night. I think all the flavors had a chance to meld together more.

While Olivia napped I finished up her scarf that matches her hat.


She was not amused that I wanted to take her picture. She just wanted to cuddle with her daddy. I got an invite to a pampered chef party last minute so I decided to go to that instead of doing Zumba.

We made potato soup and mint oreo truffles.


The soup and bread I estimate at 482 calories.  I liked the soup it was similar to mine. I was excited to have this because I have been craving potato soup.


I had these two and then two more :/ Mint chocolate is my favorite. I estimate these to be around 330 calories.

Total Calories: 1369

Steps: 4489

Fruits / Vegetables: Today 1 / 6 Total 77

Tomorrow is weigh in day. I had 54 visitors to yesterdays post, thanks for following!


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