Day 76, November 16th


I started the day off splitting a banana with Olivia and then I had a protein bar on the way to church this morning.

After a great discussion of John chapter 9 in Sunday School; we listened to a sermon on Revelation chapter 20.  I am so thankful that we have found Grace here in Utah each week it is starting to feel like home.

After service our Sunday school class went out to eat at Firehouse Subs because kids eat free on Sundays!


I opted for their light version of the hook and ladder with baked chips.  This calorie count was 590.  Prior to being calorie conscious the count would have been 1550 for the large or 980 for the medium with sour cream and cheddar chips.

After church we ran to Wal-mart and then I came home and worked on a “lesson plan” for Olivia for the next few weeks.

For dinner Tim brought home a cheese pizza and a chocolate chip pizza dessert after running some errands with Olivia. It was a nice surprise, but I had planned to make a new chicken recipe so we will have that tomorrow.

20141116_184305 20141116_211557

It was all very yummy, but I don’t think it was worth all 970 calories.

Today was a rest day for LBD Challenge, tomorrow its back with an 80 second plank!

Here is my mid month check in on my goals:

  • Minimum 10 work outs lasting at least 30 minutes with at least     2 of them being cardio classes.

* I have already done 8 workouts; 5 of which have been cardio classes.  It is getting to the point that my body craves the workouts which is really nice.

  • Complete the Little Black Dress (LBD) Challenge.

* So far I am right on track!

  • Keep an average of 1500 net calories for the month.  I do not      want to make this a daily goal for November due to several social events we will be attending.

* My gross is at 1511 and my net is at 1217 calorie average.

  • Incorporate more vegetables and fruit into our meals and snacks.  The recommendation by the Health Dept is 9 servings per day.  I am going to do this on a point system of 1 point for every serving and try to hit a goal of 180 points by the end of the month. That would be 2/3 of the recommendation.

*I am currently at 70 points; I should be at 96 in order to be on target to hit my goal.

I have also hit a new record for views 2 days ago on my “horrible” day. I had 78 viewers; I usually have 20 visitors or so! Thank you everyone for reading and supporting my journey to a new me.


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