Day 75, November 15th


I didn’t write last night because I fell asleep watching a movie with Tim.  I was determined to get back on track so I woke up did my LBD Exercises and headed to the gym for Zumba.  Back in Arkansas the snow would have kept me home, but in Utah the roads were clear.


So I ate a banana on the way to Zumba.  I came home showered and then we took Olivia to Chick-Fil-A and then to the aquarium.

For lunch I warmed up with chicken noodle soup and a salad.


410 calories

Olivia was excited to see Nemo.


For dinner I made homemade Manicotti, which is a favorite of Tim’s!

20141115_202707482 calories.

I am back on track!

Total Calories 997 – calories from Zumba 800 = 197 net calories

Steps 8052

Fruits / Vegetables: Today 1 / 7 Total 68


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