Day 72, November 14th


I have really been dreading writing this post because I ate like crap today.  I ate high calorie foods not once, not twice, but three times today which adds up to ALOT of calories.  Part of this journey is being honest with myself about what I am eating.

I started off the day feeling pretty; Olivia and I met Tim at the office for lunch. Olivia requested the yummy meat burger which is her wording for Crown Burger.


Getting ready to head out with this pretty girl.


I went for the junior burger saves 300 calories. I also took off some of the pastrami and didn’t eat all the fries.  Full Calorie count 760 actual would be a little less.

On my way home we stopped by Kid to Kid and I picked up a jacket for Olivia for church. We also witnessed a young teenager try to steal something from the toy store next door; I am glad the owner caught him.  I got to explain what happened to Olivia, her response, “He needs Jesus, mom!”  LOL I must be doing something right!


The view from our apartment, pretty snow on the mountain.  Our snow didn’t stick around long, but we are supposed to get a little more tonight. While Olivia was napping I took care of the LBD exercises for today, I still hate burpees!

Tim gets home from work and says go put your boots on let’s get out of the apartment tonight.


He then wants to take my picture, because “you look skinnier!” It was coming off pound by pound til I put it back on today (head hanging). I have been a lot more active this month which seems to be driving my appetite but I have not been eating great choices either.  Thus the vicious weight loss cycle.


I had eaten a 3 shrimp already.  I only ate half the rice so that saved a ton of calories but my plate still adds up to 968 calories.

We come home play games with Olivia, put her to bed, play games together (call it a date night), and then at 11:30 he says I’m going to get taco bell want anything?  UGH he’s killing me because yea I’m hungry again after having dinner at 4:30.

So I got 3 tacos and a caramel empanada; told you I wasn’t good today, but I cannot hide it or I will revert to having eating days like this more often.  This added another 910 calories.

So just how bad was today if you jot it all down that adds up to 2638 calories.  Good thing I am going to Zumba tomorrow morning.  Hope I can get up and get moving since it is after 2 am and I am still wide awake!

Steps 3362

Fruits / Vegetables: Today 0 / 2 Total 60

So there is my fat girl day.  I have friends that will say I never want to count the bad days.  Well I don’t want to, but in order to be honest with why I got to the weight I am I have to be real about what I am eating, the good, the bad, and the ugly~


One thought on “Day 72, November 14th

  1. Lindsey

    Your ability to be honest and transparent with your journey is what will make you successful! You’re not wasting your time by telling yourself lies and that’s such a fantastic quality to hang on to!


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