Day 73, November 13th



This is the first hat that I have ever crocheted.  Olivia picked out the yarn for her hat, but she wasn’t happy that I was interrupting her and daddy watching Batman.

For Breakfast I had 1/2 a bagel and 1/2 a banana.


214 calories

I worked on washing all the bedding in the house today. AND my dryer knob that turns it on decided to break.  Me not being very smart tried to fix it and I electrocuted myself because I didn’t unplug it first (OUCH!)

After Tim landed he called and said he would bring Taco Bell home for lunch.  I had 3 taco supremes.


600 calories

This afternoon I completed Day 13 of the LBD challenge which consists of a 70 second plank I held it for 45 and then by  mistake went another 30 so I had a little extra.  I then took on the 30 tricep dips outside on the stairs; and back inside for the 30 mountain climbers. After this I started working on a matching scarf for Olivia’s hat while her and Tim snuggled on the couch.


She loves her daddy.  At 3:45 this morning she woke up screaming “don’t take my daddy away” over and over.  I think she may have had a bad dream because she was hysterical and it took me sometime to calm her down.  Since these two were so cozy I headed out to Zumba!

I learned that our usual instructor was sick and her fill in was the same one from the class I visited on Tuesday.  She works our muscles so hard for Zumba tone. So again I burned around  950 calories. Upon leaving to head home we finally started to see that wintry mix.


Tim and I were joking how this back home would have meant a snow day where we would all be at home together.  Here in Utah no one even notices it really (except us).

Tim made “breakfast” for dinner.


Instead of adding extra sausage or another biscuit I opted for an apple instead. Bringing the calories to 579.

Total Calories for the day 1393 – Calories from Zumba Tone 950 = net calories 443

Steps 5681

Fruits / Vegetables: Today 3 / 0 Total 58


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