Day 72, November 12th


I got a rude awakening around 5 am from little Miss needing help going to the bathroom.  And she didn’t go back to sleep not great for a mommy with insomnia.  My original plan was to come home and try to nap while she was at MDO, but I chose to go walk a couple miles around the track, burn some calories (300), and loosen up stiff muscles.  IT WAS COLD here in Utah this morning, my weather bug said it felt like 17 degrees even though the thermometer on my car said 28.  After the gym I headed over to Walmart to buy gloves because my fingers were frozen; I also did some grocery shopping.

Around noon I was starving so I picked up Olivia and picked up Pad Thai from Simply Thai for lunch.  It isn’t momma’s Pad Thai from Sullivan’s Diner back home but it was pretty good!


860 calories

I ate and took a short nap while Olivia did this afternoon.  Then still feeling full form lunch I didn’t make anything for dinner. I did get to skype with my sister and my mom 🙂

Around 8 I started to feel hungry so I bade a bagel and apples slices.


Olivia likes my bagels so she took 1/4th of it and saved me 78 calories.  Total for my portion is 360 calories.

Now I am up late once again (vicious cycle) glad Tim should be home tomorrow night so I can sleep easier.  I am working on crocheting my first hat for Olivia!

Total Calories 1220 – calories from workout 300 = 920

Steps: 6998

Fruits / Vegetables: Today 2 / 1 Total 55

So thankful it was a rest day for LBD tomorrow I will have a 70 second plank to tackle and I plan to go to Zumba (weather permitting). If I am lucky we will see some snow in Valley tomorrow mid-morning. Everyone tells me road conditions in Utah after snow are much different than Arkansas, but it makes me nervous to be yep I’ll be out driving in it so we will see!


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