Day 71, November 11th


Let me start the day like many others and say Thank You to all of our Veterans and their families.  I am proud to be the grand-daughter, daughter, and sister-in-law to soldiers.  Thank you once again.

My weigh in for today is 210 lbs. It’s not as low as the other day, but I haven’t made amazing choices over the last couple days.

After being up ti wee hours of the morning working on MOPS and up early to get started plus Zumba Tone – I am exhausted.


This was my brunch plate.  It wouldn’t have been so bad if I didn’t go back and make another plate.  It had mostly fruits and veggies and another piece of banana nut bread (my favorite!).  I only had one bite of the egg stuff at the bottom because I didn’t care for the texture.  At the end of the meeting there were some meatballs left so I split a few with Olivia.  Taking all of this into consideration I estimate the calories around 1095.

I didn’t eat lunch because I wasn’t hungry after eating a few meatballs and then I got busy.  I did my LBD exercises when I got home and then set to work on MOPS updates.  I finished a pack of M&M’s this afternoon while working on this.  I did it more out of a mindless habit while working on my computer.  I use to buy a large bag a week and I mostly consumed them at night.  Now I buy an occasional regular size package. I need to find a way to store healthier munchy options nearby.

Tonight I went to a new Zumba class called Zumba Tone.  It focuses more on muscles than cardio.  I am so sore it is ridiculous! I found out that Zumba Tone burns more calories then standard Zumba. My estimated calories burned is around 950 for the hour.  I am thankful I signed up for this because it basically burned of my brunch splurge.


While rummaging through the fridge this afternoon I uncovered left over Nannie’s stew so I had it for dinner (wish I would have remembered it was in there yesterday).  Olivia took most of my potatoes so that saved me some calories. I estimate my portion to be around 400 calories.

Total Calories 1695 – calories from Zumba Tone 950 = 745 net calories.

Steps 7478

Fruits / Vegetables: Today 1 / 3 Total 52


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