Day 69, November 9th


I weighed myself this morning interested to see where I stood, 209.4 lbs. I’ve lost 1 lb in the last week! Unfortunately I probably put it right back on today, why is food my vice for handling my emotions? I have got to find a new outlet.

We got up and went to church this morning; I ate a protein bar on the way.  (140 calories)  Like I said yesterday we would be having a potluck after service.


This was my plate.  I ate all of the “food” and split the desserts with Olivia. The sandwich is bbq pork, I chose this over a hotdog.  My stuffing made an appearance of course, then there is a potato salad, “normal” salad, oriental salad, and pasta salad on the big plate.  It’s baked beans in the bowl and I’d love to have the recipe from whoever made them! For dessert it was a couple bites of lemon cake, heath cake/pudding thing, and oreo something.  All three of them were very good! I am going to guess at least 1000 calories.

I came home and did my 3 LBD exercises.  I did 2 30 second planks instead of one 60 second plank (it wasn’t going to happen).  I then did 25 tricep dips using the couch, OUCH! I will use the stairs next time.  I knocked out 25 mountain climbers.  Then I was supposed to go bowling as a Mom’s Night Out with some ladies from the MOPS group.

The fact that this got cancelled really upset and it made me feel completely alone even though I know I shouldn’t.  We didn’t have a great response for the event and then at the last minute everyone who had planned on going canceled.  To some I know the timing was inconvenient, to some they may not like bowling, to some they may not need the time away.  However, for me I needed it. I need to find friends and make connections. I need to be able to talk with other women. For me I need a support system close by other than my husband. I had been looking forward to getting to talk to a group of women without the interruption every 30 seconds from children. I was looking forward to my break from home especially with Tim getting ready to go out of town again and it being my responsibility to hold down our fort.  Instead I got to sit at home and tear up because of the frustration of being alone in Utah without my support system and the hard part of putting yourself out there and nothing seeming to come of it.  I know it will get easier, but today was hard.


Tim knowing I was frustrated decided instead of ordering pizza (which was their original plan) he opted to take us out to dinner at Buca’s, it’s an Italian restaurant.

2014-11-09 18.57.32

My dinner dates!

I ordered the chicken parm with a side of alfredo.  I had no idea how much food it was going to be!


This was the portion that I ate at dinner tonight; Chicken 310 calories, Alfredo, 730 calories, not photoed bread – another 300 calories. (The Alfredo calories may be less but, I could not find a side portion of Alfredo I only saw the small order which is 2190 calories total.)


This is the remaining portion that I didn’t eat – it’s in my refrigerator.  Like I said SHOCKED at how much food this was.  I tried a bite of Tim’s Pizza it was the best I have ever had!

While I didn’t make the best food choices today, it’s called life.  This is why I am not doing a typical diet; I do not have to feel guilty that I chose not to eat salad and veggies all day.


Total Calories 2480

I only did the LBD exercises once today.

Steps 3461

Fruits / Vegetables: Today 0 / 1 Total 46


Tomorrow is a new day and I will do better.



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