Day 68, October 8th



We took Olivia to the zoo today and this is my favorite photo that I took.  I think owls are so pretty and it was so cool how he kept looking directly at us.  This is the largest type of owl found in the US, a great horned owl.  We learned today that an owl is the skunks only real predator because they have no sense of smell.

Before heading to the zoo we had lunch at chick fil a. I ordered a cool chicken wrap.


It was pretty good for 340 calories, however this does not include the sauce that comes with it – an avocado lime ranch.  The whole package of that stuff is 310 calories, I used a small portion – maybe 1/4 so another 75 calories.  For a side I had a fruit cup over fries.


This trade off counts towards my fruits and it’s only 50 calories instead of the fries 400.

This afternoon I worked on some MOPS stuff while Olivia napped. Then for dinner we had my Nannie’s beef stew. I put it in the crocpot this morning.


475 calories for the plate and I have leftovers for Monday’s lunch!

Olivia helped me make stuffing for the potluck at Church tomorrow. I LOVE my mom’s stuffing recipe and it is so easy to make just one bag cubed (red) and one bag crumbed (blue) pepperidge farm stuffing, 2 sticks butter, 2 onions, 4 stalks of celery and 1 can of chicken broth.


Here is the finished product. I had to taste one out and I love it “raw” too. My estimate is about 150 calories went to snacking on stuffing.

I needed to finish off my day with something sweet so a few m&m’s did the trick.

20141108_205852 (2)

75 calories

Tomorrow will be a hard day calorie wise because we have a potluck at church for lunch and then a mom’s night out at the bowling alley with dinner (there or afterwards).

Total Calories 1165

Steps 6456

Fruits / Vegetables: Today 1 / 3 Total 45


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