Day 67, November 7th


No pain, no gain has been my mantra today. I woke up sore and I am going to bed even sorer.

I woke up and stretched to loosen up the tender muscles and then did my LBD exercises 25 bridges, 30 squats, and 30 lunges.  OUCH, but I persevered.

I walked out to the kitchen and found this little girl eating a banana.


She said, “I’m hungry cause I didn’t eat my dinner.”  The things that kids come up with amazes me.

I made a bagel and a clementine for breakfast.  AND I am excited to announce that we got Tim’s car back tonight so hopefully I won’t have to get so early for awhile.


190 calories

After taking Tim to work we came home for a bit and I did laundry and made a list for the grocery store. Next I headed out to the gym for a 30 minute walk, a total distance of 1.6 miles and I burned 225 calories.  I didn’t realize how sore my core was until I started walking today. I am so thankful tomorrow is a rest day.

After the workout I was starving and we still had to do grocery shopping.  I finally gave in and satisfied my craving for McDonalds fries and a spicy McChicken.  I got just one (instead of two) and a small fry (instead of a large).  I also went ahead and treated myself to my first caffeinated beverage in about 60 days. I got an unsweet tea and sweetened it with splenda.  It was worth it.  I still drank all my water today too though.


560 calories

I ate while I shopped for our groceries for the next week. Then this afternoon I cleaned out my car – it is amazing how dirty they get in just a couple weeks.

For dinner Tim grilled pork chops and I made roasted brussel sprouts and carrots with a berry blend salad.



Only 311 calories for all!

After dinner I summoned just a little bit more strength to go through the LBD exercises one more time. Feel the burn; once again thinking no pain, no gain.  I also realized I meant to take a before picture in a black dress and forgot so I will just take one at the end.

5 hours after dinner I was hungry again.  Tim went on a Taco Bell run (again)  I have got to re-eliminate this “4th” meal behavior.  I think it will be easier when I am not up from 6 am – midnight.  This adds an additional 400 calories to my day.

Total Calories 1461 – calories from workout 225 = total calories 1236

Steps 9948

Fruits / Vegetables: Today 2 / 3  Total 41

(I did not count the french fries)


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