Weigh In! Day 64, November 4


I have not lost any weight over the last 3 days, but then again I didn’t expect to.  Again we had to be up early to take Tim to work, but at least it was a rest day! Tim and Olivia had plans to stop for donuts this morning, but I chose to take my breakfast with me on the road.


half a bagel and a small banana for 231 calories.  After dropping Tim off at work I headed to the church for a Mops Steering Team Meeting.  It was a LONG meeting, but it seemed like we got a lot accomplished!

Finally finished around 1 pm. I was really craving a Sweet Chili Chicken Wrap from McDonalds so we swung through there on the way home.  I did swap the crispy chicken for grilled and that saved me 160 calories!

360 calories

360 calories

We moved Tim’s car from one shop to another this afternoon and it should be fixed by the end of next week! Also a huge blessing is that the first shop is covering half of the cost due to their mistake.

I had a bowl of watermelon while making dinner tonight.


46 calories

For Dinner tonight homemade meatballs and a meatless spaghetti sauce over noodles.


Sorry this wasn’t a better photo; I couldn’t wait to dig in and it was delicious.  This was the first time I have made a sauce with no meat and everyone liked it; Tim loved the meatballs – I thought they were okay.  420 calories for all –  I am proud of myself for having just one plate.

I also made sugar free banana and chocolate fudge (sugar free, fat free) pudding for dessert; too bad it doesn’t count as a fruit.

150 calories

150 calories

Total Calories 1207

Fruits / Vegetables : Today 2 / 2 Total 24


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