Day 63, November 3rd


Today I had to wake up early and take Tim to work. Yea!  So ready to have a solution to our car problems.  I knocked out my LBD exercises around 6:30 a.m. 20 squats, 20 lunges, and 20 bridges.  I was able to do this pretty easily; just quite a bit of discomfort in my knees.


I made half a bagel (couple bites already missing) and a clementine for the road.  Breakfast starts the day off with 190 calories.

I headed to the gym next, but they didn’t have room in the childcare until 10:30 so we headed to the store to fill up our box for Operation Christmas Child.


Look at all the things Olivia helped pick out for her child. We were able to get most of it in the box, but we had to leave a few things out (cup, stuffed worm, and grey hat).  This project always makes me step back and realize how truly blessed we all are here in the states.  It makes me sad to think that a child my daughters age will receive this box and nothing else for Christmas or probably the rest of next year.  It makes me wish I could do more because these innocent children suffer when my child has everything at her finger tips. I am so thankful that my mother taught me the importance of giving and now I get the opportunity to teach it to Olivia.

After this expedition we went back to the gym and I attended the DanceWorks class.  I was expecting something similar to Zumba, but that isn’t what I got.  Let’s start by saying I was the youngest person in the room by at least 2 decades probably closer to 3 or 4 decades though.  These ladies can move for women of their age which I think is amazing!  It was a lot of repetitive motion for me and the best way I can describe it was like dancing yoga.  I did not care for the class “message” and I will probably not go back even though it burned an estimated 480 calories.

After this I got the novel idea to head down to the ice skating rink with Olivia.


She actually did amazing for her first time.  I didn’t realize how sore my legs were until I was trying to control my balance and help her stay upright.  I was very thankful for the instructor who voluntarily came out to help her.  Olivia has asked to go back so this may be a mommy and me, Monday morning thing. It is free for us at the rec center!


Lunch: Turkey pita with cheese, snap peas, and an apple! Total calories 303

This afternoon I worked on organizing a photo collage wall (daunting task) and then we picked Tim up from work.  Before cooking dinner I went through my LBD exercises one more time. OUCH! It was much harder this go around. So thankful tomorrow is a rest day!

For dinner I made ground turkey tacos.

20141103_174902I wanted you to see the inside contents. 2 oz ground turkey, 2 Tbsp baked beans, 1 Tbsp sour cream, 1/2 oz cheese, lettuce (salad mix), and 1 Tbsp salsa all in a flour tortilla.


Make it a double for 672 calories. Tim loves tacos, I like them when I don’t have to make them, at least I didn’t have to clean up the mess tonight because I had somewhere to be!

I am so thankful Tim was in town this week so I had the opportunity to go to a Women’s Bunco Night.  I haven’t played Bunco since high school and I was excited to have a night out with other women, something I have really been missing since being in Utah.  Andrea forgot to tell me she was making dinner…


She made a delicious Irish Stew and a Mixed Greens Salad. I sampled both with very small portions. I estimate 150 calories for both.

She also made dessert…


Chocolate Mousse and it was delicious.  The calorie amount is around 300 based on my quick online research and the couple of questions I asked her. It was worth the hour of DanceWorks in order to be able to eat this, trust me.

Total Calories 1615 – calories from workout 480 = net calories 1135

Steps 5509

Fruits and Vegetables: Today 2 / 3  Total 20

Tomorrow is weigh in day!  I do not know what to expect this month as far as weight loss.  I think I may stay around the same or even gain some due to the fact that muscle weighs more than fat and the LBD helps you build/tone muscles.  So we will see! Good night as I have to be up early to take Tim to work.


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