Day 62, November 2nd



It’s a quick redecorate and the Kennedy house is ready for the month of Thanksgiving!


I love my pumpkin carriage and my little pilgrims added to the fall fireplace – they were clearance pick ups last year.


And the little scarecrow my nannie gave me a couple years ago accents a hallway door!

I ate a banana on my way to church this morning, (105 calories).

After a great service we came home and made pizza and salads for lunch.


I learned today what exactly counts as a vegetable so my number for yesterday is actually 5 vegetables because other than leafy vegetables it only takes 1/2 a cup.  I split a pizza with Olivia so it was only 308 calories. The salad counts as 2 vegetables and adds 58 calories.

I gave my food a moment to settle and did by LBD Challenge exercises. 20 jumping jacks were easier than I had expected, 10 burpees (not so much) I was good until number 7 and then I was starting to get winded.  I finished through and then did the 10 high knees which were also easier than I had expected.

20141102_171850 For a snack this afternoon a serving of watermelon (46 calories).

Tim made some amazing steaks tonight!


6oz strip (320 calories)

sweet potato with butter and brown sugar (179)

steamed green beans (30)

Salad (53)

This adds another 3 vegetables for the day.

After a little family time I headed back to do my second set of exercises.  It was about the same as the first – around burpee # 7 I was tired, but I pushed through.

After bath time I grabbed two pieces of Halloween candy for another 138 calories.


Total Calories 1237

Steps 2988

Fruits and Vegetables: today 2 / 5 total: 15


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