Day 61, November 1st


I started the morning out doing the first workout on the Little Black Dress Challenge (LBD).  I had no idea a 30 second plank would be so hard.  Right now the 100 second plank on day 25 seems impossible.  I am not able to do normal press ups so I did them the “girls” way and knocked out all 10. Mountain Climbers were pretty easy after a 30 second plank.

I then headed to the kitchen and made a bagel with some grapes.


I did not really care for this bagel so I ended up only eating 1 piece or 1/4 of the whole bagel.  Total calories 130. And that makes 1 point towards fruits and veggies.

We had to get groceries today so we had lunch at Sam’s.


I was proud only one yummy Nathan’s hot dog with a little ketchup and a little mustard. Total Calories 307.

After Sam’s we headed home so Olivia could nap and I had a clementine for a snack.


Another fruit point and 43 calories!

After nap time we headed out in the rain to get the rest of our groceries at Sam’s. Tim was so excited that we saved about $25.00 price comping local produce ads.

For dinner teriyaki grilled shrimp, brown rice, stir-fried vegetables, and an oriental salad!


Olivia loves shrimp so she ended up with about half of what’s photographed.  Salad (160), shrimp (60 since I only got half), sauce on shrimp (15), vegetables (122), 1 cup brown rice (216).  That is ALOT of food for 573 calories and this meal counts as 3 vegetables.

We got Olivia down for bed and Tim and I played hand and foot – it’s a card game that is similar to Canasta.  I finished off the rest of this container of watermelon.

another fruit and 46 calories.

another fruit and 46 calories.

He kicked my butt both hands :/  I made fat free sugar free vanilla pudding earlier in the day and that makes a perfect lower calorie dessert.


70 calories – I personally prefer chocolate, but vanilla is Tim’s preference.

Then I did the set of LBD exercises one more time before I showered and settled in for the night.

Total Calories 1169

Fruits / Vegetables : 3 + 3 = 6

Steps 5101 – I am going to see what my average is for the month; currently not going to subtract the estimated calories.


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