Happy Halloween! Day 60 The Numbers are in!



I saw this quote this morning and it really spoke to me.  Even on days when I feel like I am making no progress and I am letting myself down I must remember I am stepping in the right direction even if it is merely a tip toe and not a brisk walk.

Happy Halloween! In the terms of my husband “calories don’t count on holidays.”  Um…well yea they do thus why a lot of people gain 10 – 15 lbs over the holidays.  I am going to try my hardest not to let that happen to me this year.  I have managed to lose 20.8 lbs in the last 60 days!  What number shocked me even more was the amount of inches I have lost.  Here is a table below to break it down:

Waist 51.25 45.5 -5.75
Hip 53.5 46 -7.5
Bust 44.5 38.5 -6
R Arm 15 13.25 -1.75
L Arm 14.5 13.25 -1.25
R Thigh 26.75 25.5 -1.25
L Thigh 26.75 24.5 -2.25

If you add that all up it’s a loss of 25.75 inches!  That was a shocker to me because I have noticed my pants feeling looser, but I would have only guessed a loss of a couple inches.  Here is where I measure waist is across the belly button, hips are under the belly across the hips, and bust is under the boobs at the bra line.

Now here is a disclaimer.  I did not eat healthy today.  We followed traditions that we have on Halloween and I modified and ate less than I normally would have and worked out in order to keep my calories under 1500.

I felt blah this morning so I laid on a heating pad and finally got up and headed to they gym I had reserved a slot at 10 am for childcare and I have to pay either way so I went.

Congratulations to me I hit all 10 workouts for October because I worked out Monday through Friday this week.  Today’s walk was 48 and half minutes for a distance of 2.5 miles (woohoo) and I burned 274 calories.  I kept a pace of 3.1 miles per hour which was difficult today since I am a little sore from Zumba.

I kept our lunch tradition with Olivia and took her for $0.50 corndogs at Sonic! She said she wanted a cheeseburger, but she never eats them so I split one with her and ate ONE corndog.  I also sliced up an apple at home to avoid the calories of fries!


corndog (230), half cheeseburger (180), apple slices (72)

This meal rounded out to 482 calories. This meal is probably a third of the Sonic Lunch I had last year on Halloween which would have consisted of 2 corn dogs, onion rings, and possibly mozzarella sticks.

She laid down for a quick nap while I took a shower and folded a couple loads of laundry.

Tonight Ginny was great to host us for Halloween.  THANK YOU! They bought pizza (which is also our Halloween dinner choice normally) and we brought a salad and grapes.


pizza (250 +125), grapes (62), salad (45)

In addition to the food pictured I had more salad than that to start with but I forgot to take a picture first and I had another half a slice of pizza and another handful of grapes. Surprisingly this plate and the extras rounded out to 482 calories as well.

We then got all her boys dressed up like the Whinnie the Pooh gang and through in our little pumpkin princess for trick or treating.


We walked about a mile with the older three kiddos and the little ones made it most of the way but got a little fussy and went home early.  We got to stay and hang out and talk until the kids got way to cranky about 9ish.  On the way home Tim said he was hungry and so was I.  We brought Olivia home for bed and he went out to get our “fourth meal” Taco Bell.


2 taco supremes 400 calories.

And in order to keep my sweet tooth under control with a bucket full of candy in the living room. I picked out 2 pieces.


75 calories for the M&M’s and 80 calories for the snickers.

Total calories 1519 – calories from workout 274 = net calories 1245

So let’s talk about my goals in October. Water – done this is now easy I get all 64 oz of water a day and then some.  10 workouts with at least one cardio class – completed – I did 3 Zumba classes and barely got in all 10 workouts.  Have net calories under 1500 after the 13th of October.  In the 18 days I went over my calories 3 times; I feel this was pretty good considering I haven’t really limited my calories before.  If you add up all the calories for the month including the time we were in Vegas I averaged somewhere between 1359 and 1465 net calories; awesome!

Now here are my goals for November:

  • Minimum 10 work outs lasting at least 30 minutes with at least     2 of them being cardio classes.
  • Complete the Little Black Dress (LBD) Challenge.
  • Keep an average of 1500 net calories for the month.  I do not      want to make this a daily goal for November due to several          social events we will be attending.
  • Incorporate more vegetables and fruit into our meals and            snacks.  The recommendation by the Health Dept is 9 servings    per day.  I am going to do this on a point system of 1 point for      every serving and try to hit a goal of 180 points by the end of        the month. That would be 2/3 of the recommendation.

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