Crazy Last Two Days! Days 88 and 89.


This will be short and sweet. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Kennedy house hold.


Now to be honest I have had great choices salads and soups over the last couple of days paired with not so great choices pizza and burgers. UGH! I am thankful Tim is going to be gone for a bit in December; I am hoping I can get back on track.  I have also gotten some great advice on what steps I need to take next in order to enhance my weight loss more successfully.

To save time here is the summary of the last two days:


Calories 2120 – 950 Zumba Tone = 1170 net calories

Steps 14532

Fruits / Vegetables: 0 / 5


Total Calories 1573

Steps 4756

Fruits / Vegetables: 0/5 Total 137

So it doesn’t come as a shock for some following tomorrow, due to many factors I will not finish out the LBD exercises. I did not finish the last 5 active days.  I found this little meme that I thought was hilarious:


Tim laughed when I showed him and said guess your helping the kidnapper out by losing those pounds.

I have been using a heart rate monitor the last two days to see what it says about calories burned.

Yesterday I used it for 8 hours and 45 minutes and I burned 1667 calories (this did not include the Zumba workout) I didn’t have batteries yet.

Today I used it for 9 hours 45 minutes and I burned 1363 calories.

I am going to be interested to see what it says with my workouts in December.

Look for tomorrow’s post to see what I lost in inches and weight for November and I will list December’s Goals.


Day 87, November 27th


Happy Thanksgiving! She behaved pretty well today especially since she had no nap!


I woke up this morning and went to Zumba…90 whole minutes! I made it barely.  According to the website I burned somewhere between 1100 -1250. Yea!

I came home and made pigs in the blanket with Olivia for breakfast. They weigh in at 125 calories each so I limited myself to two and added some fruit.


This is where the calorie counting stops for the day.  However I took a picture of every piece of food I put in my mouth at Marie’s house.


Look at her beautiful table setting!

20141127_133125 20141127_133922

These were the appetizers I chose to eat.


I made a big salad and ate it first to try and help limit some of the calories.





Then the four ladies that were there plus Taylor (she is 9 and all the other kids were 5 and under) went for a two mile walk!  For me that usually burns around 200 calories!

20141127_163357This was the dessert plate, and while looking back at this photo I noticed the bugs on the plates … makes it a little weird. I only had one bite of the pumpkin pie slice because it had quite a bit of cinnamon.

That’s it.  I am sure it all adds up to a TON of calories, but I feel good about it.  I ate until I was full, but not the typical Thanksgiving stuffed. I exercised which helped burn some of those calories off.

Being with Marie’s family and some of her friends made it a little easier to be away from family today.  I hate that I am not with my mom and my sister to do Black Friday shopping, it was always our thing.  I am ordering a few things online from the comfort of my bed tonight and I might go to Walmart in the morning post crazies to see if there is anything left that I “need”.

I did get to have a great conversation with Marie about my weight loss journey.  She reads my blog and so she knows what I am doing and what my goals are.  She has done a ton of research on weight loss and what works.  She in my opinion is very fit and I am thankful that she shared her opinions. It has given me a lot to think about and goals to work towards. I will be incorporating some of the things she said in December and some will come into play later.  I am trying to do this slowly so I don’t burnout and I can have a life long change and not a temporary one!

Day 86, Thanksgiving Eve, November 26th


Alright so I spent a lot of time in the kitchen today prepping stuff for tomorrow. I made cheese balls, deviled eggs, and a cappuccino kissed cheesecake.

I started the day off with a banana so I wouldn’t dig in and eat to much, calories 105.

I tried the cheese ball this morning with the crackers around 50 calories.

Tim took me to lunch over at R and R BBQ.  I have been craving good BBQ, it doesn’t compare to southern BBQ but it was good.  I wanted to watch my calories so I ordered a salad with chicken.


I made the conscious decision to only have half a hush puppy as well. Total 350 calories.

I came home finished the cheesecake (sampled some with a graham cracker) for another 100 calories.

This afternoon I finished up the deviled eggs and had to sample the “castoffs” aka broken egg whites. This made a pretty filling afternoon snack, 165 calories.

Tim got to come home early and Olivia was excited that she got to cuddle with her daddy!


For dinner we were going to go to Big Hires which is a burger joint that Tim heard was really good. However, they were packed  and it looked like it would be an hour or so before we got our food. So we went to Pei Wei.

20141126_185300I did not order lettuce wraps (mistake) and I tried the lighter option of having steamed chicken instead of the original (mistake).  This was okay, but not good.  If I would have ordered lettuce wraps I would not have eaten this.  I think it saved me around 200 calories by choosing this option though.  Pei Wei’s nutrition calculator is down so I am relying on third party sites. The small portion with steamed chicken is 530 calories and the original small is 790.

After Pei Wei Tim wanted ice cream so we took Olivia to Coldstone for the first time. My order was the kid’s Oreo Cream which is 220 calories – I asked the server to look it up.  The bigger size is Tim’s around 1000 calories.


Afterwards I came home and picked up the house and did my LBD exercises.  Then I worked on a crochet project and now I am heading to sleep since I have to be up early for Zumba!

Total Calories 1520

Steps 4743

Fruits / Vegetables: Today 1 / 6 Total 121

Night and Happy Thanksgiving!

Weigh In! Day 85, November 25th


Let me send out a courteous reminder.


This made me laugh out loud!  I am hoping to avoid the weight gain this holiday season.  One of the ways I plan to tackle that for Thanksgiving is I signed up for a 90 minute Zumba class early Thanksgiving morning!

Now, I slept like crap last night :/ Olivia had an accident at 1 am finally fell asleep around 2:45 and she woke up at 5:30 to pee.  I snoozed until 7:30 which is when I should have left for MOPS needless to say I was about 10 minutes late, ugh!  I did manage to weigh myself before I left 207.4, that a 0.2 lb loss from last week. So far no weight gain 🙂

On the way to MOPS I was stopped at a red light and reminded of the beauty that God provides.

2014-11-25 08.07.34This is a beautiful view of the Eastern Mountains of Salt Lake City.

This morning I had brunch at MOPS. Photo of my plate.


I estimate about 615 calories. And then we were decorating cakes today!


Here is what mine looked like. I also have to add in probably another 200 calories for licking frosting, Megan made a delicious buttercream made with almond extract instead of vanilla (so good)!

For lunch I decided to make grilled cheese and tomato soup; it seemed perfect for a cold wintery mix falling kind of day.


I love sour cream and onion chips over crackers in my soup.  I did save 275 calories by only having one sandwich instead of two. (I usually eat two.)  This plate and tomato soup made with milk adds up to 570 calories.

After I got Olivia down for a nap I completed today’s LBD exercises.  It was all difficult – I hate being congested!

I started dinner in the crocpot so that we could eat after going to the Gym ~ Tuesday is Zumba Tone burning 950 calories!


We usually have the creamy chicken mixture over noodles I tried to make this healthier by adding peas and that is a quinoa and brown rice blend.  I just mixed everything together and ate it that way.  I really liked it and I am glad I get to have it for leftovers for lunch.  This plate totals up to 289 calories.

Good thing the dinner was low in calories because that turkey cake was calling my name.


We split it in thirds. I estimate the calories around 233. I figured this by doubling the number of calories in a cupcake and dividing by 3. It was about the size of 2 cupcakes.

Now lets add up the calories 1707 – Zumba Tone 950 = 757 net calories.

Steps: 6925

Fruits / Vegetables: Today 1 / 3 Total 114

With a workout scheduled for Thursday and Friday. I am hoping to keep the weight gain to a minimum over this Thanksgiving.

Day 84, November 24th


After yesterday’s post I woke up and got started fresh.  I did 3 LBD exercises: 90 second plank, 45 tricep dips, 40 mountain climbers.

I then made breakfast:


scrambled egg with onion burrito and a cup of honey dew – 291 calories.

We then went to Walmart to finish getting a few things for Thanksgiving and I needed the stuff to make a gluten free snack for MOPS tomorrow.  I made maple glazed pecans; Tim says they are delicious.

I didn’t stop on the way home, which is my usual.  I came home and made turkey pinwheels, a spinach and cucumber salad with balsamic vinegar, and apple slices.


282 calories

This afternoon I worked on laundry and cleaning the kitchen. I then made dinner early so I could eat before going to Zumba at 7:30.


I chose to have a fajita salad instead of having regular fajitas.  I still had a small side of mexi rice though.  Total 336 calories.

After dinner I ran a few errands before heading to the rec center for Zumba.  Tonight a regular Zumba Cardio class burned 789 calories. I also signed up to do a 90 minute Zumba class early in the morning on Thanksgiving Day.

I came home and Tim said I made you a dessert.


A smore!  He knew I had bought the stuff for these because they are a 150 calorie dessert option that tastes great.

Total Calories 1059 – Zumba Calories 789 = 270 net calories.

Steps: 8996

Fruits / Vegetables: 2 / 5 Total 110

Day 83, November 23rd


Feeling defeated.

Writing this blog every night allows me to step back and examine my choices for a day and how one thing leads to another, not just food wise.  I have been battling a sinus headache since I opened my eyes this morning.  I thought about not going to church, but knew that I really needed to get up and go.  Our Sunday school lesson was on John Chapter 11.  It is amazing that God knew we would need that lesson and despite feeling crummy and snow on the ground we went and heard what God needed us to hear at this time of struggling in our life.


Tim’s uncle Tracy has been given a diagnosis with only weeks to live.  It has been hard on us being in Utah and not having the ability to be back home in Arkansas to be with family. We are praying for a miracle just as Mary and Martha; we know Jesus has the power to heal.  We also know that sometimes the answer is no and we have to know that God’s plan is far greater. Please pray for our entire family as we struggle with this and please pray for Tracy’s wife and their two teenage sons.

Now for reflection on November as far as “dieting”  I feel I have done really well on exercising.  I have completed 11 workouts burning a total of 7403 calories. That is a little more than 2 pounds of fat!  That does not include the LBD exercises that I have also done which until yesterday I had been right on track.  I have 8 more active days to complete and hope to be back on track tomorrow after a good nights rest.  As for food I have felt that I have not made the best decisions.  I know what is the right things to eat and I have chosen not to eat them, feeling like a failure.  I had set a goal to eat more fruits and vegetables and I won’t even come in close to that goal.  Thankfully due to the workouts I have kept my net calorie average at 1241 without them I would be at an average of 1563.

I also realized that I need to eat breakfast.  I need to get up and make something to eat even if I don’t want to or don’t feel like it.  Not having breakfast weakens my resolve to make good decisions later on in the day.  I have also had several days where I feel like well I’ve blew it up to this point why not screw up some more.  I need to admit my mistakes and move on making better choices next time.  Food is my vice and it will be a daily struggle (more than likely) for the rest of my life.

Now what did I eat today:

no breakfast – I felt puny and putting dinner in the crocpot before church made me nauseous.

For Lunch we went to Mimi’s Cafe we ordered a spinach and artichoke dip for an appatizer I ate 1/4 of it for a total of 359 calories.  For lunch I ordered a soup and salad combo.


Corn Chowder (my favorite) 270, salad with fat free dressing 71, fruit 50

I also made a whole restaurant get quite by yelling “Stop It” at Olivia for fighting over dipping her pancakes in syrup instead of drizzling it over the top.  I had tried to talk to her quietly first, but wasn’t getting through.  She wanted to dip her pancake, but was getting syrup everywhere so I went to drizzle it and remove the syrup ramekin from her plate. She started throwing a fit and after several attempts at talking to her I said very loudly Stop It … I got to spend the rest of lunch with people staring and talking about me.

I came home took some medicine and went to bed. I woke up still feeling blah and finished preparing dinner.


The whole family ate it and decided we would not be making this again.  It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either.  I can describe it as a fancy hamburger helper at best.  It was a new recipe I found on pintrest. You put stew meat, ranch seasoning, au jus seasoning, mushrooms, onions, and diced tomatoes in a crocpot.  Cook on low 8 hours, put over noodles.  694 calories add the bread is another 200.

This brings my calorie count to 1644 and I don’t feel like I ate much food today.  This goes back to what I was reading about when I first started this journey and the caloric density of foods.  I need to find a way to work in more vegetables, but I get bored eating the same few sides.  Maybe I need to explore other options.

Thanks for reading this long Post!

Total Calories 1644

Steps 2330

Fruits / Vegetables: Today 1 / 3 Total 103

In order to meet my fruit / vegetable goal I would have to eat 11 servings of fruits and vegetables over the next 7 days. I wish I could say I could make this happen, but I know that it isn’t feasible.  I will get closer though.

Day 82, November 22nd


mistakes (2)

This is speaking to me right now; I am not doing things perfectly, but I am trying and somewhat succeeding.

I have been battling sinuses all week and been just pushing through. I did 3 Zumba classes this week feeling crummy, but last night it all caught up to me and that has rolled over into today.  I am so thankful that I have an amazing husband who cooked all 3 meals for us to eat and managed to keep the house clean while I basically laid on the couch all day.


He made this yummy breakfast which was a total of 295 calories for turkey bacon, eggs, apple slices, and jelly toast.

I worked on these snowman candy bars this morning which are going to be gifts for teachers this holiday season.


I nibbled on 3 of the small squares of chocolate, Olivia and Tim had the rest. That’s 52 calories for me.

For lunch he grilled the steaks we were supposed to eat last night, but didn’t due to being out Christmas Shopping.


Total calories 850, and it was  yummy.  As much as I wanted the beans I think I will trade them for broccoli next time and save the calories.

Tim went shopping while Olivia and I napped. He surprised me with another camelbak water bottle! Mine broke last week and I was upset because it is my favorite; I’ve had it since I was in college. He even splurged and got one that was walled because my biggest complaint about my old one was that it sweat.


For dinner he made chili dogs. Not my favorite so I put the chili on the side over a baked potato.


655 calories for 2 hot dogs and half a potato with chili.

Total Calories 1852

Steps 1682

Fruits / Vegetables: Today 0.5 / 2 Total 99

I did not do my LBD exercises today due to difficulty breathing.  I am going to try to start with Day 21 again on Monday.