Zumba! Day 59, October 30th


Today was one of those days where the kids are whiney and push you every chance they get.  Tim comes home and is like whats wrong with you.  I’m hormonal and your spawn has been defiant and whiney all day; Oh, and for some reason she has started biting AGAIN!  I know she is an angel and can be amazing at times, but today really wasn’t that day.

I woke up this morning and ate a banana as I got started cleaning up the house. I managed to eat the whole thing without having to share with Olivia!


105 calories

Around 10 o clock I got a text from our MOPS coordinator to head on over to her house.  I offered to bring lunch a country cobbler!


For some reason the biscuits were still very doughy on the bottom; I am sure that saved me a few calories.  350 calories for this serving. Andrea made some delicious oatmeal cookies and despite her offering me more I only had one.


She put nutmeg in them and I like it!  124 calories per cookie.

I came home got Olivia down for a nap and I made a light snack since I had Zumba tonight and would be eating dinner late.


Cajun turkey and some grapes 97 calories.

I went to Zumba. I think I am finally getting the hang of it.  I was able to go through most of the class without feeling lost.   This burns between 757 – 858 calories for someone my size. This makes workout number 9 for this month and 4 for this week.  Definitely noticed that I was more sore tonight from the added workouts this week!

I came home and made a salad with some grilled chicken.


193 Calories

Grilled chicken that already comes in a bag is not nearly as good as the grilled chicken Tim makes 😦 Oh well, it was better than eating the burger and fries that he made tonight for him and Olivia that would have been 700 or more calories.

Total Calories 869 – calories from workout (757 to 858) = net calories 11 – 112.  Hoping to see a couple pounds lost tomorrow.  And I am scheduled to be at the gym one more time at 10 am.  As it will be day 60 I will also be taking my measurements to see if I have lost any inches since starting this journey back in September I know my pants are fitting a bit loser so I should see a little loss there.

I am hoping a few people will do this Little Black Dress Challenge with me in November.  My best friend Maddy said she would do it; any other takers?



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