Day 58, October 29th


I started off the morning getting Olivia ready for her MDO Halloween party, she had a blast!  I love that she loves her teachers and enjoys going there.


I made a bagel and ate a few bites before we left and took the rest to the car.  Except 1/4 of it didn’t make it to my car. I think it fell out of my bag on the way to the car. So only 233 calories.

I then had time to rush to the gym before the parents had to be back for their costume march.  I only had 30 minutes but I figured that was better than nothing.  I stepped it up and kept an average pace of 3.4 miles.  After 31 minutes I had walked 1.75 miles and burned 200 calories.

I went back to MDO and watched her march in, then she played games and did puzzles.  We then had to make a trip to the grocery store. I was so proud of my will power and I didn’t stop to get anything to eat!


I came home ate half a turkey pita and an apple.  265 calories.

Tim keeps bugging me to go to the Lonestar Taqueria; it is supposed to be the best Authentic Mexican taco place in Salt Lake and it’s only a couple blocks from our house.  I looked at the menu and chose to go with the Lonestar Salad with grilled chicken.


It came with some type of creamy dressing on the side – I decided not to use it and just use some fresh squeezed lime juice.  It was a delicious salad.  I am going to guess that it was somewhere between 500 -700 calories due to the guacamole and cheese.

Total Calories 998 – 1198 – workout calories 200 = net calories 798 – 998 Tomorrow is Zumba Day!

Next month I am going to be doing the 30 day Little Black Dress Challenge.  I would love to have a few people do it with me if anyone would be interested here are the guidelines. Please let me know if you are interested.



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