Weigh In! Day 57, October 28th


The month is coming to a close and the word today is late. Everything seemed to be late. Woke up late, got Tim to work late, was late to MOPS, was late eating brunch, late lunch, late to pick Tim up from work, (had to go back to Firestone) which made me late to my gym class so I had to just walk on the treadmill and then we had a late dinner.  Also did I mention after being 10 days late the aunt that all women despise showed up in my bathroom.  Not a great day – basically felt like I was ran over again and again all day, but I have a goals this week which meant no slacking!  I weighed in this morning at 212 pounds even; that is a loss of 2.8 lbs from last week and a total loss of 19.2 lbs.


2 chicken minis, small square of egg bake, 1/2 slice of lemon bread, fruit, veggies, and a little bit of hummus.

Sorry for the blurry picture.  I have to pat my back and say I resisted doughnuts twice today. We told Olivia yesterday since we had to take daddy to work we would get her some doughnuts so even though I was late we stopped – cuddos I did not eat a single doughnut hole! Then someone brought doughnuts to the brunch – did not eat one there either!  I also did not eat any of the coffee cake or chocolate bread!  I did have 2 chicken minis that came from Chick fil a that cost me 185 calories add everything else to it and I got a total of 420 calories for this brunch plate.  Bonnie’s lemon bread was the best I’ve ever had…so good I really wanted seconds, but I didn’t.

Today’s theme for Mops was Be You, Fired Up.  This is very fitting in my life right now as I am trying to be fired up to lose weight. I am working on my goals for November and I am excited to see how well I will do especially since we have at least 6 social events that will include food and Thanksgiving.

One of our Mops families own a pottery studio here in Salt Lake City and they aided in us in doing this amazing craft.


I got mine back today since I went with some other members of the leadership team 2 weeks ago to try it out.  I was impressed – wished I would have gotten more crystals on there so I’d have more light blue specs. I thought it was so cool to see how blah they were at first and without much effort the glaze turned out amazing. It will be cool to see how everyone’s turns out at the next meeting.

After helping clean up the church and get everything put away Olivia and I headed home for lunch.


Left over taco soup, yummy.  This is one of those soups that I think tastes better on day 2 because all the flavors are even more melded together.  I decided to skip the cornbread to save a few calories.  Soup and fat free sour cream are 410 calories.

This afternoon I had to pick Tim up from work and then we had to go pick his car up from Firestone.  We still don’t know what is leaking but they put a dye in and we have to bring it back after he has driven 50 – 100 miles.  This made me late to the gym so I was not able to do their Zumba class tonight.  I did walk on the treadmill for 46 and half minutes for a distance of 2.25 miles and burned 245 calories. Every little bit helps right!

Tim really wanted to grab something on the way home from the gym and I almost gave in given the day I had, but we came home and I gave him several options as to what we had in the house to eat and he picked biscuits and gravy. 20 minutes later dinner was on the table.


Not the healthiest of options. 2 biscuits 360 calories and the milk gravy 270.  At least I drained and rinsed the sausage from the added fat – that has to help a little bit right?

Total Calories for the day 1460 – calories from workout 245 = net calories 1215

Yesterday I said I was hoping to be at 208 or less that is because then I will be at a 10% loss from when I started.  I am not sure 4lbs in 4 days is possible without drastically limiting your calorie intake which in my case would lead to a binge on chocolate so I will just see where I end up!


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