Day 56, October 27th


I felt blah this morning so I didn’t get moving around til around 10 am.  I then called the gym to make sure they had room for Olivia so I could avoid a melt down if they didn’t.  They did ! So I grabbed a banana and headed to the gym.


Part of being a parent means sharing just about everything with your kiddo.  She wanted part of the banana so I shared 1/4 of it with her saving me a few calories. Total calories 79.
My workout was 50 minutes on the treadmill walked 2.35 miles burned 258 calories!
I told Olivia she could have McDonalds for lunch so I swung in and got her chicken nuggets; she was so happy I let her carry the happy meal.
I came home and made half  a turkey pita for myself.
I really like snap peas as a side. They give me the crunch which makes me not miss having the usual “chips” side. It also saves over 100 calories for the swap.  I like adding a bit of fruit cause it helps with the sweet cravings, I had to share some pineapple with Olivia too. Lunch added up to 214 calories.
I had planned to warm up ribs from the freezer for dinner, but Tim called and I needed to come pick him up from the auto shop.  Yep, his new (to us) car is in the shop again.  I really hope they fix the problem they missed when we had it inspected originally I am praying they will fix it for no or only a small cost to us since if we would have known this problem exhisted we would not have bought the car. AND Tim asked them a few times if they looked at it and they said it was fine and checked it off on the inspection come to find out it’s not fine; its leaking.
I spend 45 minutes in traffic going to get him another 30 minutes heading home and he realized he left his work stuff in the back so we sat in traffic another 30 minutes going back to get his stuff. and then had to navigate back home.  On the way home the second time he said we are going to pick something up because I don’t want to wait for food to be done.  Ugh… we chose Taco Bell.  I got 2 crunch taco supremes.
It was a total of 400 calories.
And then a couple hours later I was hungry and really wanting some cheddar cheese so I made my favorite wheat thins with melted cheese.  It adds calories
987 total Calories – 258 calories from workout = 729 net calories
My goal is to exercise everyday this week so I can meet my goal of 10 workouts for the month of October.  I really hope my health and sanity allows me to do so! Tomorrow is weigh in day.  I hope to see a drop in pounds. My goal is to be at 208 or less by the end of October.

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