Day 55, October 26th


Feeling back on track today at least calorie-wise.

Started of the morning with half a bagel before church.


This was 155 calories.

After church we split an orange while lunch was on the grill.


26 calories.  Tim grilled the chicken (finally)!  I made rice, roasted broccoli and carrots.


I only took a 2/3 cup of rice to help save some calories.  The total plate was 270 calories.  Alot less than chili’s dinner of 686 two nights ago and a whole lot less than Panda Express’s 1150 calories last night.  I’ve got to start telling Tim we cannot go out to eat!

This morning before church I started some taco soup. I made some cornbread to go with it tonight.


It was the perfect thing for this chilly fall day.  I tried something new by adding a little bit of fresh cilantro; it gave it a little different flavor and I like it!  The soup, with fat free sour cream, and 2 corn muffins was a total of 606 calories.

I then made some sugar free pudding with fat free milk.


I ate two of these half cup servings. One about an hour after dinner and the other just now.  They both total 160 calories.

So my grand total for the day is 1217.  I was asked why I usually do not count the step calories every day. I do not do this since I don’t think the app on my phone is very accurate.  I bought one that clips to your shoe to use starting in November and I may count it then or I will just try to see how I do each day.  I also think not counting it allows me to have the adjustment for if I count or weigh something incorrectly on accident.


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