Day 54, October 25th


Feeling like a failure today!  God is playing cruel jokes on me or at least that’s how I feel.  I’m a week late – negative pregnancy test, but feel bloated and blah like I’m on a cycle. Going crazy wondering what’s up – since I got off birth control I have been regular every 29 days… sorry about my rant and might be TMI for some folks.  Anyways we woke up and had bagels and fruit for breakfast, yummy!


This added up to 248 calories.  After breakfast I headed to the gym with Olivia for a workout while Tim worked on his car.  The gym daycare was full so I didn’t get to workout :< Olivia was not happy she cried for a good 20 minutes about not being able to go into the playroom.  She just didn’t understand why there were only two teachers and already full of kids.  You can verify this info with my mom (her yaya) who tried to calm her down.  After this endeavor we had to go to Walmart and get groceries.

I came home and made lunch.


I ended up eating this over two sittings I ate half the pita and vegetables and was full so I put the other half and the apples in the fridge and ate them a couple hours later. Total calories 460.

Then after nap time we pulled everything out of our storage unit and put it back in – doesn’t count as a work out, but man did it feel like one.  The main reason we did this was to be able to get to the Christmas stuff in a month.  Not knowing how cold or if there will be snow I didn’t want to have to try to unload all of it then or not set up Christmas stuff.  Another bonus is we have a little bit more room out there too!

We came back upstairs after 2 hours of shuffling and organizing boxes (this was a tough task with a two year old in tow). Tim was supposed to grill the chicken but said he wanted to go over to the mall (uh-oh)  I should have been good and gotten a salad from chick fil a or just kung pao chicken but I wasn’t that good.


I also got honey chicken which isn’t calorie friendly at all – so this meal adds up to 1150 calories.

So this means I went over my calories again at 1858.  If I subtract my calories according to the pedometer which I don’t normally do I get to lose 480 of those calories which would put me under.  This helps me feel a teensy bit better, but I wish I could have gotten in another true workout.


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