OOPS Day 53, October 24th


I was talking with my grandmother this morning and forgot to take a picture of my bagel – sorry 271 calories because Olivia took part of it.

We had our Halloween Party this afternoon with Moms Club.


So I felt like this was an okay choice for the party, and when I went back for seconds there was a veggie tray so that is all I got (forgot to photograph).  It wasn’t such a great choices when I came home and added up the calories (probably guessed a little high on some of them) (pizza 1 slice (250), chips and dip (100), veggies (40), fruit (50), pasta broccoli (50), caramel popcorn (220).  So the dessert options were cookies with frosting, cupcakes, or caramel popcorn. I felt the popcorn was the best option thinking it would be around 100 – 150 calories per cup – it is actually 220. Total calories for the meal 810 (personally not worth it)

The plan was for Tim to grill chicken tonight, but he decided to take me out to Chili’s instead. We did the 2 for $20.


2 cheese sticks 206 calories and then it was taking forever for us to get our meals so the server brought out chips and salsa.


Let me just say what a smart server!  It is great that he realized it had taken almost 30 minutes to get our appetizer (the cheese sticks) and then we had been waiting for almost another 30 when these came. The whole platter is 910 calories. I had some of them, my estimate is 200 calories worth. This might be a little high because I know I didn’t eat 1/4 of them; I ate 10 – 15 chips.


My main course option was the lighter choice steak with broccoli.  240 calories and then I ate Tim’s broccoli (40) while he ate more chips.

So I say OOPS! I went over my calories today 1767 total.


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