Zumba! Day 52, October 23


Didn’t get out of bed til late, still had some residual crummy feelings from yesterday, after a shower I felt much better.

We had to make a grocery store run for a Halloween Party tomorrow; I’m bringing a fruit tray.  I also picked up some bagels and fat free cream cheese for breakfast tomorrow!  I have been craving Panda Expresses Kung Pao Chicken for a week so I ran through the drive through on my way home.

730 calories

730 calories

It was spicy and delicious! I enjoyed it knowing that I would work it off and Zumba tonight.

I enjoyed Zumba much more tonight – I was only lost about half of the time.  I felt like I picked up last weeks songs much better this time and then I felt completely lost again on the new ones.  I felt like I got a much better workout this go around as well.  This makes 5 / 10 workouts for October. The estimate on calories burned is 768 – 870 the panda express has vanished calorie wise.

Tim made sloppy joes for him and Olivia tonight, but there wasn’t enough left over for me to have for dinner and Tim to eat for lunch tomorrow.  So I ran to Dan’s Fresh Market and picked up some cajun turkey, smoked cheddar, and whole wheat pita pockets.  I learned that I have been counting my pitas wrong for the last 50 days.  I could eat the whole pita for 130 calories not just a half!


Snap peas and ranch, sliced strawberries, and a turkey, cheddar, and lettuce pita. 443 calories

Total Calories 1173 – Zumba Calories 768 to 870 = Net Calories of 303 – 405


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