Day 51, October 22


Not feeling great today, but I stayed under calories and the biggest thing is I have drank plenty of water despite feeling poorly.

I started off with a protein bar this morning for 140 calories.

Came home from dropping Olivia off at MDO and we had a gas leak, yeah!  So had to have maintenance over to shut off our gas and get the gas guys out, right at nap time again.

I swung through chick fil a on the way home to meet the gas guy.  I ordered the kids meal grilled chicken nuggets with fruit, but Olivia wanted the fruit so I just got the nuggets and two of her fries.


130 calories

I started feeling better a few hours later and had the leftovers from last night.

430 calories

430 calories

And then I was sick again, boo! Luckily, Olivia was good and played quietly til Tim got home.  We were supposed to have philly cheesesteak sloppy joes, but I wasn’t up to cooking.  Tim ordered a pizza. Big shock he only ordered one and plain cheese because it was less calories than a pepperoni. We shared it among the 3 of us – he is starting to watch his calories too!


Why did I even bother eating this knowing it would make me sick?  580 calories barely kept down.

Total Calories for the Day 1280.


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