Back on Track Day 50, October 21st


My weigh in this morning was not as bad as I thought it was going to be.  I gained 0.2 lbs bringing my weight to 214.8.  I didn’t let the gain get me down – probably because I knew it was coming. I started the day off strong with a good breakfast.


Scrambled egg, 2 ham slices, and half a banana for a total of 156 calories.

I cleaned up the house a bit this morning and then I made lunch while maintenance worked on our gas fireplace.


A ham and cheese roll up with carrots, cucumber slices, and ranch dipping sauce.  This added up to 309 calories and I have a working fire place!

I watched TV, folded a basket of laundry while Olivia napped and did some blog reading. I also ate some mustard pretzels, which always make me think of my dad’s obsession to them when I was younger.


I miss my parents; I hate that we live over 2200 miles away! These cost 110 calories – definitely worth it!

This afternoon I headed over to the gym for my fourth workout.  I walked for 50 minutes burned 269 calories (basically my breakfast and snack are neutralized calories!)  It was a total distance of 2.43 miles.

It is amazing that we ended up eating dinner at home.  It seemed like everything was against me. First, we overcame the challenge by just coming home – we were already out at the gym so why not go out to eat too (unfortunately that logic works here far to often)!  Then I needed to get my electric skillet out which is in the very back of a corner cabinet.  You basically have to get everything out of the cabinet – annoying I hate our tinsy apartment sized kitchen.  I want my big kitchen and pantry back!

Then I didn’t have enough counter space to cut up the food and have the skillet out.  Yea I was in a mood; I just want enough counter space to cook.  Then the electric skillet for some reason wouldn’t stay on so I had to transfer everything into another pan – I spilled hot juices all down my front and onto the floor.  Then pan wasn’t big enough so I got stuff on the eye of the stove too.  I felt like dinner was never going to make it to the table. Then I had to transfer everything into my stock pot and I kept hitting the microwave more juice sloshing!  Finally dinner was complete – thank you mom for the recipe!


I love sausage and cabbage I have grown up on it.  My  mom suggested a few of weeks ago to add noodles to it and a little bit of teriyaki sauce.  YUMMY!  Olivia and Tim ate it too; he actually asked to take some for lunch tomorrow (he usually does not eat this meal).  Another benefit of the new way is that it saved me calories too.  One reason is I had to measure out how much brown sugar and sauce I was using and the other is the noodles made it more filling.  Made the usual way and the amount I would normally eat would have been around 1200 calories.  Made this new way it was 623.  I ate this plate which was 430 calories and then had a little bit more for seconds.

Tim made some popcorn tonight and I snagged a little bowl of it as well adding 25 calories to my total for the day.


Total Calories for the day 1223 – 269 calories from work out = 954 net calories.  I am glad that after a day of derailment I was able to get back on track and meet the goal of staying under 1500 net calories and I got in a work out.


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