Day 49, October 20th


Somedays you wake up and think yep I’m fat and I’m always going to be fat.   Today was that day for me.  I hate that it comes up right before a weigh in day, but part of trying to lose weight is being honest.  I am disappointed in myself today and I am sure the numbers on the scale will further that tomorrow.

I woke up and didn’t eat breakfast – always a mistake! It makes it harder to make good decisions later on.

I started out on the right track at lunch time by eating left over roast and potatoes.


It was good and started my day off with 429 calories.

Then I started to feel blah and when I get down I eat – my biggest struggle is being an emotional eater.  So I ate funyuns; I love these occasionally.


Yep I thought at the time no big deal 310 calories.  And why for some reason must our minds want to balance the salty with sweet so I snagged 3 pieces of chocolate out of the Halloween bucket without even thinking about it, adding another 250 calories.

While Olivia was napping I thought I’ll redeem myself for part of it by going to the gym this afternoon.  And then she woke up pooped her pants and tried to clean it up on her own, JOY!  Sometimes being a parent is gross, really gross.  And thus I lost  the motivation to go to the gym after cleaning poop out of the carpet, blankets, clothes, and she needed a bath. I also didn’t feel up to cooking either so Tim picked up Pei Wei on the way home.

At least I listed to my body and stopped eating dinner when I was full.  I ate about a third of the lettuce wraps for a calorie count 223.  I also only ate half of the small teriyaki chicken.


Half of this portion adds up to 440 calories.  I also ate my fortune cookie – why?  The one’s from Pei Wei are better than most other places, but they still typically taste like paper.

And then later on tonight while sitting on the couch I munched on these yummy things


They are healthy right??? It’s dark chocolate and fruit… I know it’s not – adding another 170 calories to my already horrendous day.

So let me total up the damage 1847 calories, yep its over 1500 calories.  I will do better tomorrow. I also realized that it is not likely I will reach my goal of 10 workouts this month as it is already the 20th and I’ve only done 3.  I will do my best to get there I know I plan to workout on Wednesday during MDO and Thursday night for Zumba (yes I will suffer the humiliation again). I have continued to drink all my water daily so at least that goal will stay intact for October.  I doubt I will see a loss on the scale tomorrow since I’ve had high sodium foods today, high calories, and the dreaded time of the month is around the corner for me which means bloating…

I will do better tomorrow because I don’t want to be the fat lady anymore.


One thought on “Day 49, October 20th

  1. Sisinlaw

    Just cause you miss a goal does not mean you failed!

    What’s that cliche…if you shoot for the moon, at worst you land among the stars? 3 work outs isn’t as good as 10, but it’s way better than 0.


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