Day 48, October 19th


This morning I grabbed a protein bar on the way out the door to Sunday school for the first time since leaving Arkansas. It was a great experience beginning to learn what books of the bible are debated by scholars about their belonging in the canon and why protestants do not include the apocrypha.  I know we will enjoy learning more about this over the coming weeks.  During service we continued to learn what to expect in the end times in 2nd Thessalonians a letter written by Paul.  I am so glad we have found a church that feels right.  It is not Calvary Baptist where we attended back home, but I love how they really delve into the Word and study God’s teachings!

Originally I was going to go out to lunch with a friend who is getting ready to head out to Alaska next weekend, but her kiddos were not feeling well so she needed to get back home to nurse the baby.  Tim and Olivia stuck with their plan of getting Wendy’s, but I headed home and made a Thai Chicken Pizza.


This is one of my favorite make at home pizzas.  It’s a crust (360), Bangkok peanut sauce (40), 2 oz diced grilled chicken (70), a few chopped peanuts (16), cilantro, carrots, and a green onion (10), and 1/2 oz of cobly jack cheese (55).  Whole pizza 551 calories; it really hit the spot!

I took a nap this afternoon due to a bad headache, and woke up feeling much better.  Tim offered to grab dinner while he was out so I didn’t have to cook, but I said I could make the fajitas!


In order to help save on calories I made a fajita salad instead of having 2 fajitas and I left off the cheese because its 110 calories per ounce.  I measured out a 1/2 cup of rice into the little bowl and used it in the fajita (80). The fajita has a little bit of rice, 1 tbsp refried beans (15), 1 tbsp fat free sour cream (10), 3 oz chicken and onion mixture (105), not enough lettuce to count calories and the tortilla shell (140). So its total 270 calories. Let’s compare it to the salad: lettuce (5), carrots (5), salsa (10), 1oz chicken and onion mixture (35) and fat free ranch dressing (25); that is a total of 80 calories.  So by switching the second fajita for a salad saved me 190 calories. Total meal 430 calories.


Here is Olivia enjoying her first real fajita; she has always had the inside contents on a plate mostly because she hasn’t had the dexterity and understanding to keep it all together.  She did great tonight and ate about half.  Then she ate half a cup of the mexi rice which was pretty spicy.  While fanning her tongue she asked for some milk to get the “yuckies” aka as spiciness out of her mouth.  She makes me laugh so hard at times.

Yesterday was hard to not have any calories left over for a snack  especially when the hubby was munching on chocolate, but I stood strong.  That is one of the reasons I skipped the second fajita tonight; I had been craving chocolate most of the day so now I could have mint M&M’s.


I love mint and chocolate together; I measured the bowl out for one serving at 210 calories and will be consuming them throughout the evening!

Total calories for today 1331. Tomorrow we get to call maintenance back out to work on our air since our apartment still is not cooling off correctly; hoping I get to make it to the gym for a workout.


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