Day 47, October 18th


Olivia wanted to just lay around and watch TV this morning so we didn’t get out of bed til almost 11.  And I had to be out the door by 11:30 for the Trunk or Treat.  Tim told me to grab lunch on the way, but I knew if I went with this plan and didn’t eat lunch at home then I wouldn’t get dinner in the crocpot. And that would mean I would end up eating 2 meals out today.  So I stuck with the plan of hot dogs for lunch; however, I swapped the mac and cheese for a fruit medley instead.


I ate this and was still feeling hungry so I grabbed one more hot dog.  627 calories for lunch – I know hot dogs are high calories, but it has to be better that McDonald’s or Burger King.

I then went to work at the Trunk or Treat. Here are the photos from my space.

20141018_14313320141018_143315.Toss your pumpkins and see how much candy you can win 1 – 9 pieces!


I learned today that the trunk of my car is not magnetic – which is how I had planned to attach the drapes – instead I had to use tape and then the light breeze helped blow things around a bit.  The kids had a blast and I got my workout chasing pumpkins.  It felt a lot like the shuttle run you had to do in Elementary School. I don’t know that it totally counts as a work out, but wow was I beat.

I was proud of myself for resisting the snack table which had nachos and Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets, caramel apples and other goodies. I also kept my hand out of the candy bags except for one vanilla tootsie roll (I like these on occasion) 23 calories a piece personally I’d rather have real chocolate.

I came home starving at 4 o clock and chose to eat a ham and cheese roll up.

20141017_124753.This may not have been the healthiest option, but it was better than a Taco Bell run – or candy.

I purposely planned a meal in the crocpot for today because I knew I would be beat after the Trunk or Treat.  I am so thankful that I started a roast before rushing out the door this morning because it was delicious and it meant we avoided going out to eat.


I expected this meal to be heavier in calories then it actually was.  This portion measured out to 514 calories for the plate and salad.  I love my usual roast recipe, but ran across this one online. So we tried and I loved it; Tim thought it was okay. Next time I will make a few tweaks half the brown sugar and more red pepper.

I started the day off expecting to potentially go over 1500 calories, but since I resisted temptations several times I topped out at 1430 calories.  Now I have to keep my hand out of the candy bag for the remainder of the evening and I will be good.


2 thoughts on “Day 47, October 18th

    • My usual recipe is a packet of onion soup mix, a little worcestershire and a little soy sauce with potatoes, carrots, and purple onion. Funny story – I’ve always loved to cook and been pretty good at it. My mom had to have surgery when I was 12(I think that’s the right age). My grandparents came up to help with all of us kids and my mom asked me to put a roast on in the morning. I remembered that the juice was supposed to be brown so I kept adding soy sauce until it looked right (yea probably a whole cup). Everyone started to eat it without saying anything finally my dad was like this is too salty (which is saying a lot for my dad). He ordered pizza. Later when my mom was coherent we were telling her about it – she asked what I put in it – I realized I forgot the onion soup mix. We still laugh about it over a decade later.


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