Day 46, October 17th


I was busy today, crazy busy.  I felt like my to do list was a mile long. I got all but 2 things done.  One a workout – the child care at the gym closes at 4 pm on Fridays and Olivia woke up from her nap at 3:30 and two, I have some packages I need to get ready to mail.

I woke up feeling crummy and skipped breakfast so I could get started cleaning the house.  Lunch time came around and I had planned to have minestrone; it was gross so I made a ham and cheese wrap instead.


266 calories

I tried to get Olivia down for a nap, it took awhile, it was 2:30 before she fell asleep. I made a grocery list for meals next week and then went grocery shopping.  I debated swinging through Panda Express after Walmart, but I went ahead and made the Pad Thai I had planned. Go ME!


I added a little bit of cilantro for the first time tonight – it seemed to enhance the flavors even more.  This portion rounded out at 650 calories.

After cleaning the kitchen, folding laundry, and putting the rest of the groceries away I worked on Olivia’s Halloween Costume20141017_195244

Isn’t she a cute pumpkin princess!  She was adamant she wanted to be a pumpkin for Halloween this year and when I showed her photos online she picked out a pumpkin princess one that was similar to this, but they wanted $60.  So I got crafty and designed this one instead; she picked the components of the face on her shirt.  She is getting so big and she loved the costume.

I then worked on the stuff for my Trunk or Treat tomorrow!  I want it to be a surprise for our MOPS Moms so I will post picks tomorrow – but here is how my ‘fake’ pocket on my shirt turned out!


I was pretty excited.  As I was wrapping up Tim called and said he had finally landed and was on his way home and bringing Taco Bell…

I didn’t take a photo, oops!  2 crunchy taco supremes add up to 400 calories.

My total calorie count for the day 1316.


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